Unfortunate Font Style Ruins Phantasy Star Online 2’s "Final Battle"

Fonts aren’t something that people pay much attention to. They’re just the style in which words are presented to you. As long as you can read what’s being written, it usually doesn’t matter too much what the writing looks like. But a font can make a big difference. Especially when the font in question causes you to misread a normally safe for work phase as something that’s decidedly not safe for work.

Such is the case with Phantasy Star Online 2’s newest ultimate quest. This special event seems like it could be a joy for high-leveled players of the popular MMO that only just reached North American shores last year. The only problem is that the font choice that Sega used to announce this quest is… Well, let’s just say it’s a tad problematic.

Yeah, that looks like Anal Battle. Even if it gets me some incredible MMO loot, I don’t think I want to know what an anal battle entails.

Of course, it’s supposed to read Final Battle, and it does look like that if you’re looking at the words up close. But due to the spacing between the F and I in Final, it sure looks like Sega is asking its players to get ready for something they definitely didn’t sign up for. The subtitle “Space-Time Interstice” doesn’t roll off the tongue either, but it’s hardly the worst part of this image.

The event itself seems like it will be a fun one for longtime fans of PSO2 who are looking for a challenge. Players with a level 90 character will be able to fight a manifestation of Primordial Darkness, which sounds lovely. The quest can be run up to 10 times a day and can net players rare upgrade materials, augments, weapon skins, and even a fancy new title.

It’s just a shame that this information will be lost on everyone because whoever put together this promotional image apparently never learned about kerning. If anything, this particular snafu should be used as a lesson in proper font selection for every developer going forward. Except for games featuring proctologists, it’s never a good idea for the word “anal” to seemingly appear in an advertisement for your game.

As for the Final Battle quest itself, that begins on April 14th. Now let’s never speak of this again.

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