V Rising: How To Get Sulphur

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V Rising features dozens of material types for players to find and craft. As with most survival games, you'll need a large stockpile of materials to upgrade your base, gear, and more. Sulphur is one of the game's rarer resources that's tied to creating explosives, something you'll need to access certain boss fights.

Creating explosives in V Rising is rather simple, yet finding Sulphur can be difficult when starting out. This guide will go over where you can find Sulphur Ore in V Rising, how to refine it, and how to use this resource.

Best Place To Find Sulphur Ore In V Rising

The best place to farm Sulphur Ore is the Bandit Sulphur Quarry on the western edge of Farbane Woods. Head west until you reach the western edge of the region. Head to the southern corner of the area to find the quarry. You'll also be directed to the Sulphur Quarry when you track down the blood of Clive the Firestarter.

Be sure to fight Clive while you're here, as harvesting his blood will unlock the ability to make explosives, something you'll need to break into fortified bandit camps and large resource clusters scattered across the map. Defeating Clive also unlocks the recipe for refining Sulphur Ore into raw Sulphur, something you'll need to make explosives.

Beyond the Sulphur Quarry, this resource seems to have a low spawn rate. Keep your eyes peeled for any Sulphur caches while you're exploring.

How Do You Use Sulphur In V Rising

Once you get your hands on some Sulphur Ore and defeated Clive the Firestarter, you can refine it into raw Sulphur and use that to create various explosives. The process is quite simple:

  1. Place 15 Sulphur Ore into a Furnace. This grants one Sulphur.
  2. Create an Alchemy Table and interact with it.
  3. Use the Sulphur, Planks, and Whetstones to create a Minor Explosives Box.

Once crafted, you can place that Explosives Box wherever you see fit. Damage the box to light the fuse, destroying most objects nearby. You'll need to use these explosives to kill certain V Blood bosses—notably Qunicy, the Bandit King.

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