Valheim: A Guide To The Meadows Biome

The quickly expanding world of Valheim features several vastly different biomes, all brimming with opportunities and danger alike. The first biome you will be able to explore is the Meadows, where every player starts the game. These biomes appear on the map as grassy knolls littered with lightly forested areas.


The Meadows are bountiful biomes, flourishing with many types of resources.


Prey animals in this biome include Deer and Gulls. Deer provide Raw Meat and hide for crafting Leather Armor, while the seagulls drop feathers for crafting arrows.


Forests within the Meadows are comprised of Beech, Birch, and Oak trees. Beech trees produce regular wood, which you’ll need a lot of at the start of the game. They also have the chance to drop Resin for torches, Feathers for crafting arrows, and beech seeds for replanting trees.

Birch and Oak trees also yield regular wood, but they have a randomized chance of producing Fine Wood as well. Unfortunately, Birch and Oak require a bronze ax to chop down. This means Fine Wood cannot be gathered efficiently until you have summoned and defeated Eikthyr, who will drop the Hard Antler required for crafting your first pickax.

As you need wood to craft an ax for felling trees in the first place, you can break down smaller trees with your bare hands and collect Branches off of the ground. You’ll also find Stones on the Meadows’ floors, many times strewn throughout the forested areas, and Flint is a commonality along the shores.

Food And Ingredients

You can also forage for food and ingredients across the Meadows. Mushrooms and Raspberries are the first consumables you will come across before you can begin hunting and cooking Raw Meat. Honey can be gathered from the Beehives that randomly spawn within abandoned shacks. This sweet nectar boasts the highest health regenerative rate of all the ingredients and meals you can prepare in Valheim.

Dandelions can also be picked throughout the Meadows. Though their purpose isn’t immediately clear, these ambiguous weeds may just save your life later on.

Buildings & Formations

There are several decrepit buildings and various formations that crop up throughout the Meadows as well.

Abandoned Shacks

These are shambled huts constructed by residents that have long since forsaken these lands. As mentioned before, you may stumble into one to discover an angry Beehive. Take these down with a bow and arrow from a safe distance just outside the entrance to gather Honey and sometimes a Queen Bee, which will allow you to begin farming your own Honey once you’ve crafted a Beehouse.

More often than not, though, the shacks will be empty or house a long-forgotten Chest with a stash of materials inside. The loot within may consist of Amber, coin, Feathers, Flint, Flinthead arrows, or Torches.

Viking Cemeteries

These lots are shaped like Viking longboats. It may seem immoral to some, but desecrating these gravesites is well worth it. Mining produces Bone Fragments and unearths Buried Chests containing Amber Pearls, coin, Fire Arrows, Rubies, and or Silver Necklaces.

Stone Grave

Different from the cemeteries, these are flat monoliths surrounded by smaller upright stones. Mining the monolith can yield much of the same buried treasures as the cemeteries, including Amber, Amber Pearls, coins, Rubies, Silver Necklaces, and Bone Fragments.

These graves can also spawn an undead skeleton, but they seem to be tied to the monolith and tend to get stuck in the stone. Therefore, they pose no real threat to the player.

Draugr Villages

Rare occurrences that are so far thought to be exclusive to the Meadows biomes. These establishments appear as a cluster of houses, bigger than the singular shacks you find elsewhere, and bordered by sections of fencing. There are body piles within which spawn Draugr. Because of their exclusivity, these communities are good to raid for Entrails to make sausages. As you can only get Entrails from Draugr, which primarily inhabit the Swamp biome, this is a great hack to getting some better nutrition earlier on.

Burial Chambers

These are also extremely rare occurrences in the Meadows, but a few have been found. They appear as several large stones, covered in moss and fashioned into a mausoleum sort of structure. They appear most often in the Black Forest.


While foraging for ingredients and gathering materials, there are a host of threats you will encounter, which all drop various resources of their own upon death.


These amphibious lizards dwell along shores and river banks. They’re not very formidable, but they can be quite the pests when trying to go about gathering and hunting other prey. They’re not a complete waste of time, though, as they yield gamey Neck Tails fit for grilling over a campfire.


These tusked swine are a greater threat. They are hard-hitting and capable of taking out unarmored players in only a couple of strikes. They yield Raw Meat to be roasted over a campfire and Leather Scraps for fashioning bows.


These small goblin-like creatures are spirits resurrected as rotting wood. They tend to only come forth at night and are adverse to fire, so a torch will usually keep them at bay. Felling one will produce Resin for crafting Torches and Fire Arrows.


These larger and more aggressive counterparts to Greylings are divided into ranks of basic Greydwarfs, Brutes, and Shaman. All three of these variations will only begin venturing into the Meadows after you have defeated the second boss, The Elder, who resides in the Black Forest. These vile creatures drop Wood, Stone, and Resin along with trophies and Greydwarf Eyes.

Of course, to have any chance of taking on the second boss, you’ll first need to best the first boss and divine entity of the Meadows biome, Eikthyr. This stag deity, who takes his namesake from Norse Mythology’s EikÞyrnir, has a set of electrifying attacks. Of the five bosses currently in the game’s meta, Eikthyr is the easiest to take down, but you may still want to read up on what it takes to summon and defeat the fabled stag.

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