Valheim: Where To Find Carrot Seeds And What They’re Used For

In order to prosper in the world of Valheim, you and your tribe will eventually need to settle down and start a farm. Farming unlocks a huge variety of recipes for all kinds of meals that can provide you with essential buffs like poison and frost resistance, among other benefits. One of the earliest and most useful crops you can grow is carrots. Carrots are used to make Carrot Soup, a simple but powerful meal that can keep you alive in otherwise dire situations. If you’re just getting started in Valheim and you’re not sure what to do with your carrot seeds, here’s everything you need to know about finding, growing, and cooking carrots.

Where Do You Find Carrot Seeds?

There are two main sources for carrot seeds in Valheim. Early in the game, you are likely to stumble upon carrot seeds while exploring the Black Forest biome. Carrot seeds look like three blue flowers on thin stalks. Walk up to one of these flowers and press ‘E’ to collect one carrot seed. You likely won’t have access to farming tools when you first encounter carrot seeds, but it’s important to collect every carrot seed you find and keep them in a safe place for later.

The other way to find carrot seeds is by growing carrots. Carrots you grow will not produce any seeds until the first time you make carrot soup. As soon as you cook your first bowl of soup, you will unlock the carrot seed plant. For this reason, you should cook carrot soup at least one as soon as possible so that you can generate more carrot seeds.

What Are Carrot Seeds For?

Carrot seeds are used for growing carrots. To grow carrots, you’ll first need to plant the carrot seeds in tilled soil. Using a cultivator, create a section of flat earth near your home where you would like your farm to be. Then you can plant the seeds and grow your own carrots. It takes four in-game days for each carrot to grow. Once they’re grown, you can collect the carrots and plant new seeds. Carrots and seeds can be stored in any container and do not expire.

Carrots can then be used to make Carrot Soup. Using a cauldron, you can combine three carrots and one mushroom to make one stack of Carrot Soup. The soup provides an extra 20 health and 60 stamina for 25 minutes.

When Is The Right Time To Start Growing Carrots?

The essential tools for making Carrot Soup — the cultivator and the cauldron — cannot be crafted until you have defeated the first both, Eikthyr, and crafted the antler pickaxe. You will then need to use the pickaxe to mine for tin and copper. The cauldron requires ten tin while the cultivator requires five bronze, or ten copper and five tin.

Before you turn your raw metal into bars, you’ll need to craft a charcoal kiln and a smelter, each one of these structures require five Surtling Cores or ten total.

You need a workbench to make the cultivator, which requires six copper. You also need five core wood to create the cultivator, which can only be gathered with the bronze axe — eight bronze.

All told, you will need to first beat Eikthyr, then farm up 23 tin, 32 copper, ten Surtling Cores, and five core wood. Once you’ve identified a reliable source of metal, you should have everything you need to start making Carrot Soup.

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