Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth – Which Character You Should Transfer In Each Chapter?

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One of the main mechanics in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, has something to do with Lenneth's quest on the mortal plane, Midgard. As the eponymous Valkyrie, she is the Battle-Maiden who gets to judge whether or not a soul is worthy of being sent to Valhalla to help with the ongoing preparations for Ragnarok.

Sending up the best characters for the jobs at hand is an important thing to do, as you will receive great rewards when sending the most suitable. In addition to lots of Materialize Points (which is the game's currency), you'll also receive useful artifacts, which can be weapons, items, or even spells and skills to use in combat.

All Of Freya's Requests

At the beginning of every chapter (apart from the very first one), Freya will tell you exactly what parameters she wants you to satisfy in the hero you send up to Valhalla. This might severely restrict who you are able to send up, depending on which characters you're able to recruit and which ones you have already sent.

Valkyrie Profile is a slightly random game – there are a few characters who will be recruited at random points within a period of time. Jun, for example, can be recruited as early as Chapter 2 or as late as Chapter 4.

The table below lists only Freya's requirements per chapter, the section below will make suggestions as to who you should send.


Hero Value







Warrior, Tactics, Leadership, Identify



Archer, Find Trap, Survival



Negotiator, Trick, Demon Intel, Hear Noise



Nimble, Swimmer, March, Attack Pow, Resist Damage, Defend



Brave, Sorcerer, Monster Intel, Hit



Sorcerer, Undead Intel, Avoid, Resist Magic



Brave, March, Fight, Counter, Leadership, Formation

Boosting an Einherjar's Hero Value is accomplished in two ways: firstly, by improving their positive traits and lowering their negative traits. This costs Capacity Points and has a ceiling – once you've maxed out your Capacity Point investment in a character's traits, the only way to improve their effective Hero Value is through the equipment they have with them when you Transfer them. The better the equipment, the higher their Hero Value.

Some of these requirements listed are character traits – the traits that you can boost using Capacity Points. Many of them can be granted (or boosted) using items, and some of them have opposite traits that will negatively impact an Einherjar's evaluation. You can use these items to make any Einherjar fit the requirements asked of you, but there are some Einherjar who will naturally have those traits.







Flame Bandanna

Janus, Grey, Jayle, Suo



Sleipnir's Mane

Yumei, Jun, Badrach, Lucian


Can't Swim

Pearl of Karula



N/A (Tonguetied?)

Angel Lips


Some Einherjar have the opposite traits for some of these requirements and make for poor Transfers when those traits are requested. These are Llewelyn and Lorenta, neither of whom can swim, and Nanami and Llewelyn again, both of whom are cowardly.

The items listed above can be created through the Divine Items in exchange for some Materialize Points. They are all Possessions and their effects stack, meaning that you should equip your chosen Einherjar to fit that requirement with three of the relevant item to boost their evaluation score.

There are no Einherjar with the Negotiator trait innately, so you will need to use Angel Lips to satisfy this requirement.

Recommended Einherjar To Transfer

The table below lists which Einherjar we'd recommend to transfer, along with some backups, just in case.

It is not recommended that you send any more than one Einherjar per chapter.

Chapter 1


Despite being a decent warrior, you'll soon be overflowing with good warriors and Belenus makes for an easy first Transfer. Llewelyn is less useful than Belenus, but might be required for Chapter 3.


As mentioned, it might be possible that Llewelyn is your only Archer recruit up until Chapter 4 if Janus comes late for you. This means you'll want to save him for Chapter 3 as a last resort – despite his very low Hero Value, sending up a non-Archer is not a good idea.

Chapter 2


Jun isn't a very special character – he's not the best at dealing damage or extending your combo meter. If you happen to get Jun in Chapter 2, he's perfect for this transfer.


If you didn't send Belenus up in Chapter 1, this is definitely when you should send him if you don't get Jun.


Lawfer is the final character who will be able to fit all the requirements, but you should be very wary of sending him – Lawfer is a fantastic warrior and a rare spear-user. He's worth keeping around.

Chapter 3


Despite him being a far better Archer than Llewelyn to keep around, it's much, much easier to boost Janus' Hero Value and get a really good reward at the end of the chapter. There are other, better Archers (Badrach, namely).


Send Llewelyn only if you're unlucky enough not to get Janus yet. Definitely max out his Hero Value through traits and send him with a full set of equipment to try and scrape the Hero Value requirement.

Chapter 4


By Chapter 4 you will have four different spellcasters. Nanami and Yumei are more powerful than Jelanda and Lorenta has a very low starting Hero Value, making her difficult to make work – Jelanda with Angel Lips equipped is a good pick.


If you value your spellcasters and you haven't yet sent Jun up (if you got him after Chapter 2, for example), now would be a good time to send him. Remember, equipped with Angel Lips to satisfy the Negotiator trait requirement.

Chapter 5


Lucian has the Nimble trait, can equip Pearls of Karula to satisfy the Swimmer trait, and can learn Attack Pow. In addition, transferring him in either Chapter 5 or 6 is one of the requirements to get the best ending, and this is as good a time as any.


If you're not going for Ending A or you plan on sending Lucian in Chapter 6, Yumei is a Nimble Swimmer. She cannot learn Attack Pow, however.

Chapter 6


You will definitely recruit Jayle by now and she's as good as any pick. The requirements ask for a Sorcerer, but also the Brave and Hit skills, which Sorcerers cannot learn. Hit those two skills with Jayle and miss out on the one.


This is the last opportunity you have to send Lucian to attain Ending A.

Chapter 7


You should have had Lorenta around long enough to level her up enough to get a very high Hero Value, and she can hit all the other requirements, too.


As above – this chapter's choice really comes down to preference. We recommend sending the Sorceress with the Wait Reaction Familiar that you least like.

Chapter 8


Suo is a late arrival with the Brave trait – he should easily hit all the requirements and get you the biggest reward at the end of the chapter.


Grey is another Brave character who would fit well for this chapter, in case you want Suo to stick around. Suo is a rare katana user after all.

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