Valorant Battle Pass Act 3 date: When is Episode 3 Act 3 Pass and Chamber coming out?

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The Act 2 Battle Pass expires soon, with a new Valorant update hitting servers on November 2, 2021.

For some gamers, the same patch will arrive a little later, with Riot Games usually opting to launch on a region by region basis.

And based on the latest news shared by the development team, the Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battle Pass release date is going to arrive without a hitch.

Other exciting changes are also being made to Valorant later this month, with new Agent, Chamber, set to make waves in two weeks.

Chamber doesn’t have a set time for release but it looks like the distance expert will be arriving sometime around November 16.

There have already been some delays, so there is a chance that further issues will cause a change in release date.

Until Chamber arrives, the new Valorant Battle Pass will be the main draw for gamers looking forward to the launch of Episode 3 Act 3 this week.

The Battle Pass will cost 1,000VP and will come with the usual round of fresh sprays, cosmetics and Gun Buddies to unlock.

Marquee items include the Genesis Arc Melee, the Aero Phantom with variants, the Genesis Operator, and the Goldwing Ghost.

The Valorant Battle Pass for Episode 3 Act 3 is scheduled to last until January 2022, meaning that there are only a few major updates left in 2021.

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Developers Riot Games have confirmed that the new Battle Pass and Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 release date have been scheduled for Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

European servers will lag behind others and that means the new Battle Pass might not arrive until November 3 in some regions.

No release time has been announced yet but there’s a good chance that Riot Games will confirm its maintenance plans later today.

Valorant Act 3 and the new Battle Pass are expected to be available by late morning in North America on November 2.

Based on previous launches, server maintenance is expected to start at 6am PDT on Tuesday, followed by the launch of the new Battle Pass a few hours later.

This will be dependent on how long servers are down and Riot Games has completed all of its vital tasks.

Speaking about the new Battle Pass for Valorant, Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer shared this update, telling fans:

“This Battlepass has a lot of fantastic Player Cards related to Agents. Some of my favorites are the “Unstoppable // Viper” card, which is a reimagining of her original card from the Closed Beta. There’s also the “Downtime // Omen” card, which shows Omen knitting—of all things.

“The “Versus // KAY/O + Brimstone” card is great lore card that builds upon other KAY/O and Brimstone accessories that players have analyzed in the past.

“This Battlepass also has some really gorgeous and well-designed weapon skins: Aero, Genesis, and Goldwing. The Genesis Arc is the first melee of that type (lovingly called “the protractor”) to be included in the Battlepass.”

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