Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 11 Part 3 – Hacking The Server Walkthrough

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  • What Happens If You Don’t Hack The Server In Time

Emem’s final task in the S.A.D Base is to infect their systems with a virus to cripple their ability to track and hunt the Boston Camarilla. It has taken a long time to get here, and if you mess it up, there isn’t any going back. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong introduces a new type of gameplay here, so be prepared to learn on the fly.

This short scene is split into two puzzles, with one being fairly straightforward, and another being a bit of a minigame. Because this Scene is linear, we won’t be delving into it step-by-step. Instead, we are going to cover all of the key moments in this Scene and give you the answers to each of the puzzles.

How To Raise The Server

When you get to the Server Room, you discover that the actual server is kept underwater. This is a fairly complex cooling system that is fairly simple to overcome. How you solve the puzzle depends on what abilities you have at your disposal.

Slow Down Time

If you can slow time, then you can complete this puzzle almost immediately. To raise the server, you need to press two buttons on the opposite side of the room. You have a five-second window to press them both. Activate Celerity, slow down time, press the first button, and then simply run to the second. This will raise the server.


If you can’t slow time, then it’s slightly more difficult. Go to the backroom, and press the second button to raise a large container from the water that is in the middle of the gap separating the two buttons. Press the first button, then teleport across the gap and press the second button.

How To Discover The Identity Of The Traitor

This is your final opportunity to discover the identity of the traitor. Whilst here, you can use the server to search the Second Inquisition’s extensive database. You will need to put in keywords and make your way through documents to uncover the truth. Not all keywords are going to be useful, and you need to combine two keywords to get any results.

To make matters worse, you are on a timer. As you are hacking the server, S.A.D soldiers are breaking down the doors. This can be quite a tricky segment, but we have the solution.

Input the following combination of keywords:

  • Accomplice + Informant
  • Code Name + Informant
  • Corvus + Identity
  • Jara Drory + Interrogation

This will open a sound file that you will have to listen to if you want to uncover the traitor’s identity.

Password To The Servers

To load the virus to the server, you will need to find the password. This will, once again, require you to go back to the Search function and make your way through a few keyword searches.

Input the following combination of keywords:

  • Administrator + Password
  • Organization + Creation

The password is the date the organization was created. This is 09092015.

What Happens If You Don’t Hack The Server In Time

If you fail to hack the server in time and unleash the virus – which is very hard to do considering the length of time you have to do it – then Emem is brutally gunned down and dies. This is not a game over state, this is a full-blown Character Ending.

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