Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 9 Part 1 – Escape Prison Walkthrough

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  • How To Escape With Michelle Davis

Galeb has had a tough time in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. He’s just come off the back of a seriously disturbing interrogation and is missing a lot of skin as a result. Thankfully, he is an immortal vampire, and the damage should only be temporary. His mission still stands – Stanford must die.

Stanford’s death is the end goal, but before you get to that, you still need to escape captivity. There are multiple ways to do this, and numerous interactions that have long term effects on the story. We won’t be doing a step-by-step walkthrough of this scene as it is very linear. We will, however, be covering all the key moments.

This guide is a work in progress. New information will be added as it is discovered.

How To Open The Gate

Your first real obstacle is a large gate that has been electronically locked. You can find a control room to unlock the gate, however, it requires two keys to be turned simultaneously to work. These keys are fairly easy to find, however.

The first key can be found in the control room itself, near the entrance to the room. The second key is found by going back to your interrogation chamber and searching the guard nearest the door. Take these keys back to the control room and unlock the gates.

How To Retrieve Your Equipment

As Galeb was captured, you don’t have access to any of your equipment. It isn’t gone for good, however, and providing you still have access to your red implant, you can get it back. The storeroom is down the corridor, past the gates you just unlocked.

You will encounter an agent who you can deal with however you want, and this will give you access to the storeroom itself, through a door to the left. Your equipment can be found inside an implant-locked safe.

How To Open Padlock In The Storeroom

One of the storage shelves is locked by a padlock. To open it, you are going to need to grab some cutters. These can be found by going back to your interrogation chamber, and following the corridor to another room.

You will find a Safe Room that has the cutters. Whilst you are here, you can use your senses to detect werewolf blood. Return to the storeroom and crack it open.

How To Access The PC

There is a PC that can be hacked to reveal some extra information. The PIN for the PC can be found in Jenkin’s locker.

In the storeroom, two lockers can be opened. One for Jenkins, and one for the agent you just killed. Jenkins is nowhere to be found, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open his locker. There is a crowbar on a nearby shelf can that can be used. Be aware that this crowbar will break after one use, so don’t waste it on the wrong locker.

The PIN is 822614.

How To Convince The Werewolf To Help You

Vampires and werewolves aren't the best of mates. There is a lot of tension between the two races, and they don’t often work together. The keyword is “often”. Galeb can find a captured Werewolf locked up, and, if you know what to say, can convince him to help you escape.

Before you talk to the werewolf, you want to go to the control room and open the drawer to the desk directly to the right of the entrance. This will contain a document detailing the location of the werewolf’s pack.

Once you have this, talk to him, and mention that the Second Inquisition knows where his pack is. He will agree to help you. Push the button, and every S.A.D soldier from here to the exit will die.

This is one of two exits to this level, and it does have some impact on the game going forward. The werewolf will appear later in the game to cause some trouble, but he will also make it so other side characters can more easily escape if you rescue them.

Should You Rescue Berel

As you make your escape, you can bump into Berel. He can be found in Cell 07. The conversation with Berel reveals a lot about his relationship with Galeb. Not only that, if you didn’t talk to Berel in Scene 5, he will reveal he has Embraced Feng.

You have the option to rescue Berel, and if you do so, he will show up during the final chapter ready to reconcile with his Sire. This is the best ending for Berel. Leaving him doesn’t have quite the same positive result.

How To Escape With Michelle Davis

The alternate exit to this scene is much more difficult to pull off as Galeb requires very specific stats. It will also have noticeable ramifications later on, such as making it impossible to rescue Berel, and removing an entire Scene for Leysha – making her run much easier. You are going to need the following things to even complete this path:

  • Scalpel
  • Dominate Level Three (or higher)
  • Red implant from earlier in the game

You can find Michelle Davis in Cell 04, and she is not happy to see you. Shortly after meeting her, she will try to use her vampiric powers to force you to go away – locking you out of this progression path entirely. If you have Dominate at level three or higher, however, you can overcome her powers and go on a scavenger hunt to escape.

Finding A Way To Escape

To escape with Michelle, you need to find a way to escape with her. Go back to the Interrogation Room, and look to the left. You will see a camera. Interact with it to retrieve an SD Card. Take this SD card to Control Room, and in the filing cabinet, left of the entrance, there is a tape recorder. Listen to the recording. This will trigger the next part of the mission. Be sure to pick take the recorder before you return to Michelle, as you will need it to escape.

How To Find All The Items To Escape With Michelle

Once you return to Michelle, she needs a bunch of items in order to sell the illusion. These are all very easy to locate, but there are a lot of them. If you don't have the Scalpel from much earlier in the game, you won't be able to progress down this path.

  • Voice Recording – Go to the room where you killed the Agent. Search her body, and in one of her pockets is a key. Take this key to her locker, open it, and listen to one of the voice recordings to acquire her voice.
  • Agent's Rank – Also on the dead Agent's body, you can find her name and rank – this will be in her right pocket.
  • ID Number – You will need an ID number to verify any paperwork. You can get this by removing her implant using your scalpel.
  • Transfer Form – Before you can find the transfer forms, you need to learn which form you need. In the storeroom, right of the entrance, there is a desk. Open the drawer and read the notice inside. From here, go to the Control Room. In the filing cabinet to the left of the entrance, in a cardboard box, is a stack of Transfer Forms.
  • Transfer Stamp – Go back to the Storeroom. Directly in front of you is a stamp. Interact with it to stamp your documents.
  • Fill Out Form – Leave the Storeroom, and approach the pot filled with pens on the desk. This will complete the Transfer Form.
  • Stake – the final piece of the puzzle is a stake. Go back to your Interrogation Cell, and in the hands of one of the S.A.D soldiers is a wooden stake. Take it.

With all of these items gathered, head back to Michelle, and you can leave.

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