Video Game Plots I Will Never Understand

If you’re reading this article, you probably love video games. While I absolutely fall into the totally loves video games camp as well, I’ll be honest and say that I often find myself completely unable to understand those convoluted plots that everyone’s come across at some point in their gaming journey.

Those stories that have you scratching your head during the credits, even though you swear you really did just experience everything the game's narrative had to offer. Sometimes, games require multiple playthroughs to be understood, and sometimes, not even multiple playthroughs can help the truly lost souls (yes, I am referring to myself there).

10 Bioshock Infinite

I am a huge fan of the Bioshock series, but no matter how many times I play through Bioshock: Infinite, I find myself scratching my head more than a few times. To be fair, it’s not exactly the simplest story around, and it does seemingly leave some things open to interpretation.

Is there probably an in-depth explanation of Elizabeth and her tears? Most likely. Have I managed to accurately explain to anyone how her power works or what in the world happens in the closing moments of the game? Not a chance. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess vigors, but I know that can't be it.

9 Kingdom Hearts

It’s not exactly an unpopular opinion to say that the whole story of the Kingdom Hearts series is a bit hard to follow. There are tons of games in the series, and most, if not all of them, are important to understanding just what in the world is going on.

You are able to skate by with knowledge from the main three games, but a lot of crucial plot information is sprinkled into the other games, and at this point, it feels nearly impossible to actually understand it all.

8 Silent Hill

I really thought I understood the Silent Hill series at one point. Then games just kept getting released, and I realized that I barely understood a fraction of Silent Hill 2. All the games and the mystery around the titular town is one thing, but the different endings are a whole other thing.

Without digging into a guide for the series' lore, I have no way of knowing which of the games' various endings are meant to be canon. Not knowing what’s going on with characters outside of the fact that there is some kind of Silent Hill cult is probably where I’ll forever be.

7 Final Fantasy 13

People have a lot of opinions about Final Fantasy 13, but something that seems to not be talked about so much is just how confusing the overall plot is. Sure, most people remember that there’s a problem you need to solve, standard video game stuff, but Final Fantasy 13 is a deep game.

The lore for the deep world seems to be sprinkled throughout the game's dialogue in an effort to get players up to speed on everything, but the addition of other games that tie into the story only served to add to the complication of Final Fantasy 13.

6 Dark Souls

The entire Dark Souls franchise is one that will probably forever be a mystery to me. The basics of the plot are all anyone really needs to know to enjoy the adventure, and that’s easy to come by, but deeper knowledge is much trickier.

A lot of the plot of the world is explained through item descriptions and cryptic lines from bosses and NPCs. There’s practically no way a single person could understand every tiny aspect of the plot without a lot of help from researchers.

5 Sonic The Hedgehog

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I want to fully understand what exactly goes on in the occasionally maligned Sonic The Hedgehog from 2006. I am aware that it was a more realistic take on Sonic, but it’s one that has kept me from diving deep into the game.

Why Amy was passed up for a human princess seems a bit strange, but that’s not the thing keeping me from even trying to understand the plot. I don’t know if I can bring myself to experience the full story of what apparently features a kiss between Sonic and a human.

4 Bloodborne

Much like the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne is a tough game to fully understand. Some might even argue that Bloodborne is even harder to understand. It features similar issues with a lot of lore being hidden in item descriptions, but the game goes even further.

There is a hidden ending in the game that involves a lot of… interesting steps. I have no idea why the steps are necessary to reach the secret final boss, and I’m not sure if they’re reasons I want to understand. It’s a great game with plenty of never-ending questions.

3 The Elder Scrolls Series

Is there any one person on the planet that can truly say they understand everything involved in the deep plot from The Elder Scrolls series? With tons of expansive games to work through, the overall story of the games could probably be taught in a dedicated history course.

It doesn’t help that people are somehow still finding new things in a game like Skyrim, so it feels like I’ll never truly understand Tamriel no matter how long I play the games. In a way, that’s almost something incredible about the series, though.

2 NieR: Automata

Anyone who prefers playing a game once and understanding everything will probably wind up lost with NieR: Automata. It’s not a bad thing to have to play the game multiple times to continue to learn more about the story, but it doesn’t exactly make it easier to understand.

Having to fight against the lore of the world with the story being presented and the countless endings that are possible makes true understanding tricky. I know there are some great androids in the game, but each time I finish playing that’s most of what I manage to retain.

1 Five Nights At Freddy’s

Just a short while ago, someone could have told me that the Five Nights At Freddy's series has a shockingly deep web of lore, and I absolutely would not have believed them. As it turns out, Five Nights At Freddy's has an entire fanbase dedicated to understanding what is going on.

Rather than the games being simple horror experiences, they have become an entirely new entity. Now, it seems that in order to understand what's happening you need to read multiple books and play multiple games. I didn't realize gaming came with a required reading list as well.

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