Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: Purifier Class Guide

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There are a lot of things that could be considered “hot” in the universe. There’s fire, the sun, those weird things you put on your joints to make them feel better. Nothing compares to the flaming zeal that burns brightly at the core of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters’ Purifier, however.

Fuelled by an insatiable desire to burn the heretic, mutant, and daemon, the Purifier is an unstoppable ranged threat brandishing the thrice-blessed Incinerator and dousing holy promethium onto everything that moves. If it looks funny, then the Purifier will reduce it to ash. Simple as that.

What Is A Purifier

Purifiers are an Advanced Class in Chaos Gate that takes the Purgator and makes them extra crispy. Their entire MO revolves around burning – and they are exceptional at doing just that. They are capable melee fighters if you want to be a bit funky, but they excel at standing at mid-range and melting flesh, bone, and warp spawn in an endless fountain of death.

Skills And Abilities

Innate Abilities

Purifiers are heavy weapon specialists who love to get into the thick of it. They carry the biggest guns and can wade through death itself to get stuck in. Like all classes, they come with an innate passive ability that helps them stand out – even at level one.

PurifierPurifiers can equip the Psycannon, Psilencer, or Incinerator as standard. Not only that but Purifiers are also immune to damage effects from Hazards.

Core Discipline

This tree is the basic tree that contains fairly straightforward skills. They lead to more specialized trees, however.

Purge UpgradeForce Strike gains a 100% chance to Purge enemies of Mutations in addition to any other effects.
Resistance UpgradeThe Purifier gains +25% Resistance. Resistance determines how likely a Knight is to resist Afflictions.
Willpower x2The Purifier gains +2WP permanently.

Cleansing Flame Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Cleansing Flame Psychic Attack.

Cleansing FlameThis attack has a Range of 10 and a Blast Area of 3. All enemies caught in the blast have a 100% chance to suffer Burning for 3 turns. This attack has a 25% chance to Purge any enemy hit.
Purge Upgrade (1)Cleansing Flame has a +25% chance to apply Purge.
Purge Upgrade (2)Cleansing Flame has a +50% chance to apply Purge.
Eternal FlameAny Flame Afflictions caused by the Purifier become permanent.

Incinerator Discipline

This tree focuses on upgrading the efficacy of the Incinerator line of weapons.

Range UpgradeAll Incinerators used by the Purifier have a +3 Range.
Damage UpgradeAll Incinerators used by the Purifier deal +1 Damage.
Arc UpgradeAll Incinerators used by the Purifier gain +15 Arc
VengeanceWhenever this Knight kills three or more enemies in a single attack, they gain +1AP. This is an Auto Ability so can only activate once per turn.

Wargear Discipline

This tree focuses on improving the Purifier’s Grenades.

Wargear Slot – GrenadeThe Purifier gains an additional Wargear Slot that can only be used to house Grenades.
Area UpgradeAny Grenades used by the Purifier gain +1 Blast Area
Damage UpgradeAny Grenades used by the Purifier deal +2 Damage
Ammo UpgradeAny Grenades used by the Purifier gain +2 Ammo

Melee Discipline

This tree upgrades the effectiveness of any Melee Attacks performed by the Purifier.

Crit Chance UpgradeThe Purifier has a +10% Critical Hit Chance when using Melee Weapons.
Afflict Upgrade x2The Purifier has a +15% chance to Afflict enemies with Melee Weapons.
Soul BlazeWhen an enemy moves adjacent to the Purifier, they take 1 Damage. This effect is Armor Piercing but does not Stun. This is an Auto Ability that triggers 100% of the time, and it can trigger 3 times per turn.

Hammerhand Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Hammerhand Psychic Attack.

HammerhandThe Purifier makes a Melee Attack against an enemy and deals Weapon Damage. This attack has a 100% Critical Hit Chance.
Crit Damage UpgradeHammerhand deals +2 Damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Hammerhand applies Burning to the target in addition to other effects.
HealthThe Purifier gains +4 HP permanently.

Astral Aim Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Astral Aim Psychic Attack.

Astral AimThe Purifier targets an enemy within Weapon Range and deals Weapon Damage. This attack has a 100% Critical Hit Chance and Precision Targeting. Precision Targeting allows the Purifier to destroy or disable body parts.
Crit Damage UpgradeAstral Aim deals +1 Damage when landing a Critical Hit.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Astral Aim gains Armor Pierce.
Rapid ReloadThere is a 50% chance that the Purifier will automatically reload his weapons when he runs out of ammo. This ability does not consume AP. This ability is an Auto Ability and can only activate once per turn.

Flame Of Purity Discipline

This tree focuses on the Flame Of Purity ability which is a skill that automatically comes with Incinerators and can be activated whenever the Purifier attacks normally.

Flame Of PurityFlames Of Purity is a Spread Attack with a Range of 5 and an Arc of 60. Deals Weapon Damage with an additional +1 Damage for every 2 ammo spent. This attack depletes all remaining ammo when used.
Afflict Blinded UpgradeFlames Of Purity afflicts enemies hit with Blinded. This effect is permanent and has a 100% chance of applying. Blinded reduces the damage the target can deal with Ranged Attacks by 2.
Damage UpgradeFlames Of Purity deals +1 damage per 1 ammo spent.
Knockback UpgradeTargets hit by Flames Of Purity are knocked back 3 spaces directly away from the Purifier.
WillpowerThe Purifier gains +3WP permanently.

Conflagration Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Unstoppable Conflagration Auto Ability.

Unstoppable ConflagrationWhen using a Psychic ability, the Purifier gains +1 damage until his next turn. This effect can activate 3 times per turn.
Damage/Use TriggerUnstoppable Conflagration grants an additional +1 damage per stack of Soul Blaze.
Resistance UpgradeWhilst Unstoppable Conflagration is in effect, the Purifier gains +10% Resistance.
Resistance UpgradeThe Purifier gains +25% Resistance. This effect is not tied to Unstoppable Conflagration, but it will stack with it.

Essential Skills

The Purifier is an awkward character to use as his abilities are very much split in several directions. Even when built to the best of your ability, the Purifier is incredibly situational and somewhat reliant on luck and weapons.

The Purifier’s available skills are split between Melee and Ranged, and of the two, Ranged is the way to go. The Purifier simply doesn’t have enough going on in Melee to make it a worthwhile investment. Considering the Purifier has no access to Terminator Armor and has no innate mobility tricks, running a Melee Purifier will only lead to disappointment.

At a range, however, the Purifier has some uses, and there are combinations of abilities you can take to turn up the heat.

  • Incinerator Discipline
  • Flames Of Purity Discipline
  • Rapid Reload
  • Wargear Discipline

Incinerator Discipline

This is where you should dump your first few points. The Purifier has no use for any other heavy weapon other than the Incinerator, and this tree makes that weapon much more effective. This tree boosts Damage, Range, and Arc, all of which are excellent. Vengeance is also a fantastic Auto Ability that will let you do more per turn providing you are killing enough enemies in one go.

Flames Of Purity

This tree is a must-take if you are using an Incinerator – and you are using an Incinerator. Flame Of Purity is an expensive attack that is rather ineffective when you consider it drains all of your ammo making it an AP and WP drain. However, when you invest in upgrades in this tree, Flames Of Purity suddenly becomes much more effective.

Not only does it increase your damage output per ammo spent, but it also inflicts permanent blindness which is especially useful against tough range opponents like Blightlord Terminators, Bosses, and even Helbrutes. The Knockback effect is more situational and can be skipped entirely. If you want to maximize damage, you should avoid this upgrade at all costs as it will knock enemies out of range for a follow-up attack.

Finally, Flames Of Purity is buffed by the Incinerator Discipline too, making it a natural tree to dip into. It also has some synergy with other abilities, which can skyrocket your damage if RNG is in your favor.

If you are pushing Flames Of Purity as the main source of damage, which is possible, consider hunting down an Incinerator with higher than average ammo to take full advantage of the damage amplification.

Rapid Reload

This skill hides in the Astral Aim tree, which is a decent tree in its own right. You can fully invest in this tree if you want to add a source of single-target damage, but the real reason you are here is for Rapid Reload.

Rapid Reload gives you a 50% chance to trigger an automatic, 0AP reload once per turn. This can trigger from Flames Of Purity, letting you throw a max-damage Flames Of Purity and follow it up with repeated Flames Of Purity attacks.

Wargear Slot

This is more of a dabble pick than something to focus on. Grenades can be very powerful, and the Purifier has some of the strongest Grenades in the game. He can deal more damage, more times per mission, and over a larger area.

This can provide a lot of utility to your squad, which is always a good thing. Not only that but there are multiple suits of Master Crafted Power Armor that also heavily buff Grenades. These suits of armor, plus this tree, can turn your Purifier into a walking nuclear warhead.

Making Unstoppable Conflagration Work

Purifiers have access to Unstoppable Conflagration, which is a very powerful ability locked behind some rather underwhelming ones. There is a case to be made, however, that it is worth the dabble, especially if you have a way of pumping WP and AP into your purifier for massive gains.

Unstoppable Conflagration increases your Purifier’s damage by up to +3 based on how many Psychic abilities you use in one turn. Realistically, you will probably only ever hit a +2, and even then, you will need to invest in both Cleansing Flame and Astral Aim to fully gain the benefits.

Once set up with our recommended skills, your Flames Of Purity will deal Weapon Damage with an additional +5 (minimum) to everything in a shockingly wide area. This is enough to kill every low-level enemy in the game in a single cast, and seriously damage anything tougher. With Rapid Reload, you can follow this up with more fire attacks that are still benefiting from a +4 damage boost.

If you run a Justicar, he can pass +3AP to your Purifier every turn, which will allow you to easily cast your spells, launch a Flames Of Purity, and still attack multiple times per turn, giving you enough damage to kill even groups of vehicles, terminators, daemons, and Plague Marines.

Going down this path will weaken your Purifier early on, but lead to much greater benefits once fully upgraded. High damage Incinerators with high ammo counts make this even stronger.

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