Watch An Xbox Series X Retail Unit Be Unboxed

We are less than a month away from the release of the Xbox Series X, and while we know a lot about what we can expect from the new console, we still haven’t seen one in the digital flesh. At least, not until now.

Thanks to YouTuber Willy Crow, we can now watch as someone unboxes a brand new Xbox Series X for the very first time. How they managed to get an Xbox just under a month from release is a mystery, but we’re grateful for the shaky cell phone footage of what we can expect when we first get the new console straight from the factory.

The first thing that stands out is the extra loud tape that seals each of the box’s flaps, although that might be more due to the phone’s mic than anything else. Perhaps a little unexpectedly, the box actually opens from the side rather than vertically, with the actual console itself covered in what appears to be wrapping paper. A note with the Xbox Series X motto, “Power Your Dreams,” sits atop the wrapping paper and is prominently displayed as soon as the box is opened.

After removing the console, the unboxer then moves on to the compartment at the top which contains the HDMI and power cords, as well as the Xbox Series X controller. A pair of Duracell batteries come with the Xbox Series X, and the unboxer powers on the controller just before taking the console out of its wrapping paper.

Honestly, the Xbox Series X doesn’t seem quite as large as it was made out to be in previous marketing images. It’s still certainly bigger than the Xbox One and even rivals the original Xbox in both mass and volume, but you can see the modern, boxy console sitting beside a home entertainment center as a stylish addition rather than a cumbersome one.

Early previews of the Xbox Series X noted that the console may have been stylish but it was also way hotter than expected, although Microsoft has since clarified that the heat output of the Series X is no greater than the Xbox One X. Better still, the operation of the large cooling fan is whisper-quiet so you can hardly tell that it’s even spinning under heavy load.

The Xbox Series X arrives on November 10.

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