What The Golf? Coming To Nintendo Switch Very Soon With Multiplayer

The gonzo golf game What the Golf? is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you don’t have to wait too long to hit the greens. It’s slated for May 21, and this version will come with an extra feature not present in the mobile version.

Nintendo’s Indie World account tweeted the announcement, including word that Switch will get an exclusive two-player party mode. The accompanying video shows some split-screen action along with the accompanying madcap golf-ish action you’ve come to expect.

It’s also available for a pre-purchase discount, going from $20 down to $15. That discount price will last until May 28.

What the Golf? is ostensibly a golf game, but it’s actually more of a weird comedy experiment wrapped up in the trappings of a golf game. Part of the fun is discovering the various ways the game puts a twist on the usual golf mechanics or subverts your expectations. It was a highlight of Apple Arcade, the subscription service that gives an all-you-can-eat library for $5 per month on Apple devices.

“What the Golf is a comedy game first and foremost, and it succeeds at its primary goal,” James O’Connor wrote in GameSpot’s What the Golf review. “Perhaps the game’s most telling feature is the ‘Show To A Friend’ option on the main menu, which runs you through a quick playable ‘best of’ reel of some clever challenges the game offers up. What the Golf is an experience that can be shown off, fully understood, and effectively sold to a player in the span of about two minutes–and like all great jokes, you’ll want to share it.”

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