When is next Nintendo Direct? When is Nintendo Direct September 2021?

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Nintendo Switch fans could be finding out a tonne of information about new games heading to the hit console during an upcoming Nintendo Direct for September 2021. Nintendo has a long track history of holding Directs in September, and rumour has it the House of Mario could continue this streak with another stream up its sleeve for this month. And – according to the rumour mill – the next Nintendo Direct could be soon upon us, with a stream allegedly airing in a few days time.

So when is the next Nintendo Direct? And what can Switch fans expect from the Nintendo Direct September 2021 stream?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions then don’t worry, Express.co.uk is here to help.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the rumoured Nintendo Direct for September 2021.

Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer


Nintendo has not officially announced when the next Nintendo Direct will be.

But rumour has it the next Nintendo Direct could be airing on Tuesday September 7 or Wednesday September 8.

The September 7 date has been mooted after Xenoblade Chronicles makers Monolith Soft announced its site was going down for maintenance.

The Monolith website will be taken offline at 2pm pacific time, 5pm eastern and 10pm BST on September 7.

And this has caught the eyes of plenty of Switch fans.

Firstly because this is the time Directs have been known to air in the past.

And secondly because Monolith Soft are rumoured to be close to releasing a brand new Xenoblade Chronicles game.

It’s thought this downtime could so Monolith can update its site for the reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

If a Nintendo Direct doesn’t happen on Tuesday September 7 then the broadcast could take place on Wednesday September 8.

That’s according to insider markomaro who tweeted: “Sept 8th it’s a safe bet for a Nintendo Direct. Despite the strong lineup that Ninty will have there with a few unannounced games (with Monolith new project as the big announcement), I’m more excited about the third party and collaborations that it will showcase there.”


As mentioned, it’s believed a new Xenoblade game could get announced at the next Nintendo Direct.

While the reveal of the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character seems all but a given, with the last Fighters Pass 2 character set to launch before the end of this year.

Will Nintendo finally make fans’ dreams come true and add Waluigi, or will there be another surprise new addition heading to Smash Bros?

Another possible announcement is the reveal of a new Resident Evil game that allegedly has been in the works for some time.

According to the rumour mill, this new Resi game is called Resident Evil Outrage and is Resident Evil Revelations 3 all but in name.

Resident Evil Outrage will reportedly star Rebecca Chambers, who was in the cast for the original game.

Elsewhere, fans could get updates on already announced games such as Splatoon 3.

While surely there will be plenty of people hoping for updates on Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 which haven’t featured in a Direct for years.

The Nintendo Direct for September 2021 could also reveal a new console that will be added to the retro gaming collection included with Switch Online.

And it’s believed Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will be getting added to the service in the next few weeks.

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