Why giving Elden Ring an easy mode is an insulting concept – Reader’s Feature

A reader is glad that Elden Ring doesn’t have an easy mode and asks why gamers are always trying to get developers to change their games.

It’s Thursday as I write this and I’m almost giddy with excitement about the prospect of Elden Ring coming out. The reviews have been fantastic, exactly as I thought they’d be, and frankly I’m amazed anyone was ever betting against FromSoftware. Especially as everything from the network test was already super positive.

The only really common negative in any of the reviews is a little disclaimer most of them put in, to remind people that this is a really difficult game and that you can’t go in thinking this is just Call Of Duty or something, and you’re going to blitz through the whole thing without even really trying.

That’s not only not the FromSoftware way it’s the exact opposite of everything they’ve ever been about. The game is meant to be difficult, you’re meant to fail and you’re meant to find the mental fortitude to carry on. As has been pointed out by many other people it’s not that it’s literally that hard in terms of you having to be really good at the game, but that you have to be on the ball 100% of the time because a single mistake can mean failure.

Despite this, many people still insist that Elden Ring should have a difficultly mode for those that aren’t as good as games, but I am fundamentally opposed to that and I am very glad to see that, beyond a few quality of life changes, FromSoftware hasn’t listened to them at all.

This is a completely different argument to making the game accessible to people with disabilities, which I am all for. But in terms of the challenge of the game itself? That has to be the same for everyone or there’s no point the game even existing.

I’ve never run a marathon because, frankly, it’d be too much like hard work. It’s not that I couldn’t if I tried but I’m lazy and I lack the motivation to put in all the hours of work that it would require. That’s my problem and as a result I’m missing out on the euphoria of completing one and the knowledge that I pushed myself to a goal and achieved it.

Really, I’m missing out – I realise that. But that’s my choice and it’s not like I’m complaining they should only make marathons half the length so that I can beat them without trying, because what would be the point of that?

Elden Ring and its ilk is exactly the same, except it’s more than just that. Elden Ring, like all video games, is a work of art. It’s designed the way it is by people that had a specific vision in mind and decided to execute on it. Why should anyone else come along and tell them it should be different? It’s an insulting concept that shows a complete lack of respect for the creators.

Do movie makers get told to change the ending of a movie if people don’t like? Are painters forced to change what they’ve made just to please other people? Of course not. Except both these things do happen with video games. From Mass Effect’s ending to ‘fans’ complaining that the graphics in Diablo are too colourful.

Not only does everyone think they know best when it comes to video games but they become violently angry if you don’t immediately change it to their specifications.

For all kinds of reasons this should not happen. If you can’t be bothered to put the hours in to play Elden Ring that’s on you. If you don’t have the time, and so technically that’s not your fault, then sorry, but it’s not like there isn’t a bazillion other games you could play instead (Mortal Shell is a great little Soulsborne style game and quite short and relatively easy, I highly recommend it).

I mean, would you read an abridged version of War & Peace just because you didn’t have much time? No, you’d just do without, because you knew you didn’t have the time to give the experience the attention it deserves.

Games are an interactive media but that doesn’t include bullying a developer into changing them to suit you. It’s their creation and whether you enjoy it or not, it’s not yours to change.

By reader Gambage

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