Win Exclusive Access To The Beta For KartRider: Drift*

This is your chance to gain exclusive access to the beta version of KartRider: Drift. The new iteration of the free-to-play franchise brings exciting, skill based gameplay with endlessly customizable characters and iconic karts through an always online, living, and connected gaming experience.

Five thousand winners will take home two key codes, one for Steam and one for Xbox One. These keys will give you access to the beta of KartRider: Drift that will be available only from June 3 till June 10, courtesy of Nexon. And you will be able to redeem them directly on Steam or Xbox.

With the franchise already accumulating over 300 million players, this racing game is designed to satisfy both casual and hardcore kart racing fans, with a slew of modes for pick-up-and-play matches with friends. It also offers a deep competitive experience if you want to prove you’re the fastest to the world.

To enter the giveaway you have to be a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico, read our official rules, accept the terms and conditions, and fill out the form below. If you are having trouble viewing the form please make sure your ad blocker is disabled and refresh the page. And if you are having issues seeing it from your mobile device please use this link.

Remember that you can increase your chances of winning by completing additional actions like subscribing to our YouTube channel or following KartRider: Drift on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to check your email and junk mail on May 28 because we will be sending the winners an email with both codes and redeeming instructions.

What separates KartRider: Drift from competitors is its commitment to a challenging, rewarding skill curve where if you are significantly better than your opponents, chances are, a rogue item isn’t going to keep you from winning races. KartRider: Drift features a unique optional way of playing, tailor-made for racers looking to test their mettle with the world. It’s called Speed Mode, and boils down the gameplay into a pure racing experience. First off, it adjusts the drifting system, allowing you to pull off even more harrowing speed-boosts around hairpin-turns, but most importantly, it takes away items, removing any randomness and making sure the only thing separating you from a victory is your skill. Once you’ve got a feeling for how it works, watch the pros play! KartRider: Drift is gearing up for new tournaments, leagues, and more every season.

Head to the comments and let us know what excites you about KartRider: Drift. Good luck, and happy drifting!

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