Wolverine game will be mature rated and not as short as Miles Morales

A comment from the game’s creative director confirms that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a ‘full size’ game and feature a mature tone.

While it wasn’t surprising to see Insomniac’s Spider-Man sequel make an appearance at the recent PlayStation Showcase, the studio did catch everyone by surprise by announcing a Wolverine game as well.

Details were incredibly thin, though, which isn’t surprising considering the game is still very early in development. But the PlayStation Blog revealed that the project is being headed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian, the same duo behind the Miles Morales game.

This news appears to have worried some fans, who believed this could mean the Wolverine game will be as short as Miles Morales was. When asked this by a fan on Twitter, Horton (Wolverine’s creative director) described the game as ‘full size,’ which suggests that its length will be more akin to the first Spider-Man game.

Admittedly, we found Miles Morales’ length to be one of its strengths, since it avoids becoming needlessly bloated and tells the story it wants to in eight or so hours. But for better or worse that won’t be the case with Wolverine.

Wolverine is in development now for the PlayStation 5.

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