Wolverine Outfit Now Available In Fortnite

Fortnite has been steadily pumping out Marvel content throughout this entire season. And, now that week six is finally upon us, Wolverine has a few skins that are finally available to players.

Posted earlier today on Twitter, Fortnite announced that both the Wolverine Outfit and Classic Style are now unlockable. Like all other Marvel skins this season, you’ll need to be a Battle Pass owner in order to take advantage of them.

Of course, being a Battle Pass owner isn’t enough – you’ll have to put in a bit of legwork to actually unlock these outfits. Once all the Wolverine Challenges are complete, you can tackle the final Awakening Challenge to unlock a special emote for the outfit and replace your harvesting tool with Wolverine’s claws. Here’s a short rundown on how to unlock the two outfits:

  • Wolverine: Complete all the Wolverine Challenges.
  • Wolverine Classic: Unlock the Wolverine skin, then complete 10 challenges from Week 5/6.

The standard Wolverine Outfit is the traditional yellow and blue suit – seen in most of the X-Men movies and comics. If you’re not an avid comic book fan, this is probably the one you’re used to seeing. There’s also the Wolverine Classic Outfit, which swaps out the blue for a vibrant red. Both look incredible, and neither are too difficult to unlock.

Wolverine has had a few other challenges released over the past weeks, letting you unlock a bunch of gear themed after the popular mutant. These include:

  • Investigate Claw Marks (Unlock Berserker Barrage Spray)
  • Find The Loading Screen at Quinjet Patrol Site (Unlock Adamantium Slash Loading Screen)
  • Find the Sentinel Head at Dirty Docks (Unlock Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling)
  • Launch off the Sentinel Hands Without Hitting The Ground (Ferocious Weapon Wrap)
  • Locate the Trask Transport Truck (Unlock The MCG Wolverine Glider)

Fortnite continues to thrive with its latest Marvel collaboration, and has even begun partnering up with popular artists to hold concerts in its Party Royale mode. Despite a tough legal battle with Apple, the mega-popular battle royale shows no signs of slowing down.

Both Wolverine skins are now unlockable in Fortnite – so long as you’re a Battle Pass holder.

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