World’s vaguest leak suggests The Last Of Us remake out in September

The remake of The Last Of Us Part 1 could be out this autumn, as a separate leak suggests God Of War: Ragnarök has had a minor delay.

OK, so this is a bit of an odd one. On the one hand Twitter leaker The Snitch has just proven himself to be in the top tier of insiders by predicting the whole of this month’s State of Play almost a day before it happened.

That earned him follows from trusted leakers Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier, with the former publicly vouching for his reliability. So what was The Snitch’s follow-up tweet? Possibly the vaguest leak there’s ever been.

All it consists of is the words ‘PART 1 – 02.09.2022’ and emoticons for a video game and a PC. That’s so ambiguous it seems like it could be anything, but the prevailing theory is that it’s the release date of the much rumoured The Last Of Us remake.

Relatively few games refer to their sequels as being ‘part 2’ and The Last Of Us remake is already an open secret but given the lack of clarification it could also be the new Hideo Kojima horror game, which is rumoured to be episodic.

Clearly there’s a near infinite range of other things it could be, but the two emoticons seem to be trying to imply that the game, whatever it is, will be released simultaneously on console and PC.

That has never happened previously with a Sony first party title but as a remake, The Last Of Us does seem like a natural place to start – if that’s what Sony wants to do in the future.

The final oddity is that the leak does not use the American date format, even though The Snitch is apparently based in Florida. They must surely have known that would be confusing to any American fan so why they used it is, like everything else in the post, a mystery.

It’s not the only Sony related curiosity at the moment though, as the date for God Of War: Ragnarök has changed in the PlayStation database from September 30 (probably a placeholder) to December 31 (definitely a placeholder).

That still implies a 2022 release but why they would’ve switched the dates is unclear. The most obvious guess is that it’s been delayed internally by a month or two, and that’s why no release date has been announced publicly.

The only way to know for sure is a new State of Play but while many assume that there will be another one this month that’s one thing that hasn’t been leaked yet.

🚨 God of War Ragnarök Release Date Changed From September 30 To December 31 (Place-Holder)

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