WWE 2K22: Complete Guide To MyGM

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  • Choosing Your General Manager
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  • Setting Up MyGM
  • Drafting Your Roster
  • Understanding Power Cards
  • Sorting Show Logistics
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  • Running A Show
  • Understanding The Post-Show Reports
  • How Rivalries Work
  • Adding To Your Roster

For many years, fans of WWE games desperately wanted to see the return of general manager mode. WWE 2K22 didn't exactly bring it back but introduced a very similar mode called MyGM. In it, you take control of a WWE brand and put on shows every week. Your goal is to beat your opponent in the ratings and generate more revenue than them.

Beyond the quest for viewers, MyGM is very different from the old general manager mode. As such, even veterans of the old version may be confused by some elements of MyGM. If so, here is a guide that breaks everything down.

Choosing Your General Manager

Selecting your general manager is the first thing you have to do. There are six options, and each of them come with their own power card that you can use during the season. This is all of them:

General ManagerPower Card
Adam PearceInstigator – Increases the levels of all active rivalries by 1.
Sonya DevilleA Superstar's GM – Raise the entire roster's morale by 15.
William RegalLegend Whisperer – The first legend you sign this week will be free.
Shane McMahonCoast To Coast – A GM interference booked this week will provide an additional +2 show bonus and will be free to book this week.
Stephanie McMahonThe McMahon Presence – Earn twice as much money from arena attendance this week.
Custom SuperstarBeginner's Luck – Raise the popularity of the superstar with the lowest popularity on your roster by 20.

For a custom superstar, you must create them BEFORE loading up MyGM.

All of these cards have value to some degree, and the best one depends on what sort of GM you are. For starting players, though, the Instigator (Adam Pearce), Legend Whisperer (William Regal), and The McMahon Presence (Stephanie McMahon) will likely serve you best.

Selecting Your Brand

After you've got your GM, you have to pick the brand you want to control. As with the general managers, the only thing that separates the options is the power cards. This is what each brand's card does:

BrandPower Card
SmackDownBirth Of Legends – 6 random superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by 6.
RawThis Is War – 3 randomly selected superstars on the opposing brand can not be booked in matches next week. It can't be used a week before a PPV.
NXTFighting Champion – Title matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost.
NXT UKInternational Takeover – Your network deal is tripled if you gain fans this week, otherwise it will only be doubled.

The random element of the SmackDown and Raw cards make them a bit hit-or-miss. Either version of NXT is a solid choice, though. However, if you really want to be one of the main roster brands, there's no real harm in picking them.

Setting Up MyGM

Next, you get to set up your session of MyGM. These are the options you have:

SettingWhat It Does
Opponent TypeSelect whether you want to go against the AI or another human in local co-op. If playing on Steam, you can use remote play to go against someone who's not in the room.
GM OpponentPick the general manager that you want to face. They can use their unique power card.
Opposing BrandYou don't go against all the other three brands you didn't choose. Instead, you face one of them, and you get to select which one. As with the GM, your opponent will get to use their brand's unique power card.
AI DifficultyThis is where you get to choose how smart your opponent is when it comes to running their brand.
DurationYou get to pick how long the mode lasts between 15, 25, and 50 weeks – all of which end at WrestleMania. As you have a show every week, you're essentially selecting how many shows you want to do. Take note that you don't have to play a full season in one go as the mode autosaves, so you can quit out and continue later.
Draft PoolThis option allows you to dictate who you can draft. The default option includes all the wrestlers today, whereas custom allows you to add created wrestlers and legends – legends will be available in the mode regardless, but this makes them part of the draft. You can also alter plenty of other things with the custom option.
Draft SettingsYou got the option of either doing the draft yourself or having the game do it for you.

​​​​Customizing The Draft Pool

If you want to customize your draft pool, hover over the option and hit the button that's indicated at the bottom of the screen.

This is everything you can change about your draftable superstars:

SettingWhat It Does
StatusEveryone on the roster is either active, legend, local, or inactive. Only active members of the roster are part of the draft. However, you may be able to acquire legends or locals on short-term deals later in the season.
PopularityA superstar's popularity impacts how much the fans are into their matches. It goes up and down over the year, but in the custom draft pool, you can dictate how popular someone is from the start. The highest anyone can be from the start is 70.
RoleThe roster is split up into fan-favorites or rule-breakers – more commonly known as babyfaces and heels. You can have people turn to the opposite side during the season, but here you can choose what side everyone starts on.
ClassThere are five classes in the game: giant, cruiser bruiser, fighter, and specialist. In MyGM, you get the best matches from mixing the right classes together. You can dictate who fits into what group.

After you've edited everything, you can save the pool to use it in future MyGM runs.

Drafting Your Roster

During the draft, you and the opposing GM take turns to select your superstars. You must draft a minimum of eight wrestlers using your budget of $2.75 Million – naturally, the biggest and most popular stars cost the most.

To draft a strong roster, here are the things you should consider:

  • Pay Attention To Popularity – Over a season, every member of the roster will fluctuate in popularity. Even so, you'll want to pick up some popular stars from the start to get some strong match ratings in the early weeks.
  • Select Different Classes – Certain classes put on better matches together. Therefore, you want a mix of them. Giants and cruisers or bruisers and fighters make some good combinations. Specialists are useful, too, because they can put on decent matches with any class. So, it's a good idea to get a few of those versatile workers.
  • Draft Males And Females – While you may be tempted to create WWE's first all-female roster, the game rewards variety. As such, match cards that feature both men and women do better than those that stick to one gender.
  • Take Note Of Star Power – Everyone in the draft has a star next to their name. The more filled-in their star is, the more attention they'll bring to your show. For instance, someone with a full star attracts more viewers than someone who only fills one point. You'll want to draft a few big stars to help boost your fanbase early into the season.
  • Don't Spend All Of Your Money – Your budget isn't just for the draft – you also need it to put your shows together. While you will hopefully make plenty of money during the season, it's always nice to start with some. Therefore, you want a balanced roster with a mix of top stars and several cheaper ones.
  • Get Fan Favorites And Troublemakers – Fans respond better to battles between heroes and villains, so you should get a combination of them in the draft. You can change people's moral alignment during the season, but it uses up a promo spot. Therefore, you don't want to be forced to spend the first few weeks turning half your roster just to get an even number. It's best to begin with a balanced group.
  • Don't Ignore Stamina – Throughout a season, you need to manage your wrestlers' stamina as if they compete in too many dangerous matches without rest, they'll end up getting injured. However, those with high stamina are less likely to end up sidelined. So, it's smart to pick up at least a few workhorses that can wrestle almost every week.
  • Draft More Than Eight People – Eight is the minimum roster size, but you ideally want more than that. After all, people are going to need to be rested at times. Plus, more people means more possible matches, allowing you to avoid putting on the same bouts every week.
  • Look At Their Promo Skills – At the bottom of your screen, you will notice a button labeled 'superstar info.' Hit it to get more information about the wrestlers. One of the things it tells you is their promo skill out of five. While not everyone on your roster has to be brilliant on the mic, it helps to have a few capable ones as you'll have to do plenty of promos over the season.

You can also take a look at the game's recommendations in the bottom left corner if you need some help with drafting. And don't worry, there's no time limit for your picks.

Once the draft is complete and you've had a small interaction with Triple H, you get to pick your starting champions. Every brand only gets two titles, one for the men and one for the women. The people you choose get a significant boost in popularity.

It's up to you who you select as it doesn't make much difference in the long term. However, it's always good to have people on your roster who are very popular, which you can achieve by putting the championships on some of your bigger stars.

Understanding Power Cards

On the main MyGM menu, you may notice there is a power cards tab. As the name suggests, this is where your power cards are kept. You'll start the mode with the two you get from your general manager and brand. To acquire more, you must either complete commissioner goals or buy them with in-game money. You can do the latter from the power cards tab mentioned earlier. Every week, there are three on offer, and the line-up changes regularly.

What power cards actually do is difficult to explain because it depends on the card. Each one does something that either benefits you or messes with the competition. Use them when you think the situation calls for it.

Sorting Show Logistics

In MyGM, it isn't just your match card that impacts your success. It's also important to put on a great show from the production side of things. Therefore, pay plenty of attention to the show logistics tab.

In there, you can choose your arena, crew, special effects, and advertising. As you go through the weeks, you unlock better and more expensive options in those four categories. Selecting the higher-priced ones improves your show quality, increases your fan base, and makes more money.

It means you don't have to rely on always outdoing your rival in match quality. In fact, if you have good logistics, you can sometimes have a worse card than your opponent and still gain more fans than them.

Checking Your Journal

Before you book a show, you should always check the journal tab. It includes Triple H's commissioner goal, any promises you've made to members of your roster, and any other noteworthy pieces of information.

Triple H gives you a new commissioner goal every week, and it always revolves around your show. For instance, you may be asked to make sure a certain wrestler does a promo that week or leave someone off the card altogether. Your reward for following the command is a power card. They'll be times when you should ignore the request, such as if he asks you to keep your champions off the PPV card. But it's up to your own judgment whether any given task is worth the card.

As for the promises, these will appear after conversations you've had with your superstars. If you keep a promise, the wrestler will get a boost in morale, whereas if you don't, the opposite will happen. Low morale can lead to members of your roster leaving the brand.

Booking A Show

The amount of matches and promos on any given card depends on what kind of show it is.

Show TypeSegments On Card
Regular Weekly ShowThree matches and two promos.
Pay Per ViewsFour matches and three promos.
WrestleManiaFive matches and four promos.

Putting A Match Together

These are the options you get when setting up a match:

SettingWhat It Does
Match RulesYou get to choose whether it's a one-on-one contest or a tag team match. Other multi-person bouts aren't available.
ParticipantsThis is pretty self-explanatory as it's the people who are going to be in the match. Generally, the best-rated contests are between a fan favorite and a rule-breaker that match up well. Remember giants work best with cruisers, bruisers mesh well with fighters, and specialists are a good opponent for anyone.
Match TypeSelect the match stipulation. The options are as follows: Normal, Tables, Extreme Rules, TLC, and Hell In A Cell. Each one differs in price and how much it impacts stamina. The more expensive and stamina draining the stipulation, the better the match.
Title MatchThe option to make the contest a title match only appears if a champion is one of the participants. Generally, championship matches get better ratings than regular bouts.
InterferenceWith this option, you can instruct someone to run in during the match. Doing so can help continue a rivalry without having the two enemies actually go against one another. There's also the option to have the GM interfere in a contest. Both types of run-ins cost money, with the GM one being more expensive.
InterferersIf you choose to have interference, this is where you pick who's getting involved and the person they're targeting.

Setting Up Promos

There are several types of promos that you superstars can cut. Each one has its own benefits. This is all of them:

Promo TypePurposePrice
Self PromoA superstar promotes themselves, which will either increase or lower their popularity depending on how well they do.$2,500
Call OutWith this one, a wrestler can call out someone else. This is good for enhancing a rivalry.$3,000
Role ChangeYou can use this option to change the moral alignment of a superstar. For instance, you can transform a fan favorite into a rule-breaker or vice versa.$10,000
AdvertisingRunning an advertising promo can make your brand more money. However, if the wrestler chosen does a bad job, they can lose popularity.Free
CharityGives you the chance to make more fans. And the wrestler can get a boost in popularity if they do a good job.$10,000

Any superstar doing a promo instead of wrestling will regain some stamina, but not as much as they would've if they'd not been on the show at all. You should also take note of a wrestler's promo skill, as the higher it is, the better the promo is likely to be.

Things To Consider When Putting A Show Together

Here are some general tips about what is considered a good show in MyGM:

  • Have both men and women on the show as the fans like variety.
  • They also appreciate seeing many different styles on a card, so consider that.
  • Fans want both single and tag team matches on a show.
  • A show should start and end well. Therefore, it's better if your middle match is the weakest.
  • Rivalry matches can give you a significant boost.
  • Dangerous matches will get better ratings, but make sure your wrestler's stamina isn't too low as they could get injured.

Running A Show

When you've put together the card, you can confirm the booking. After that, it's time to run your show.

For every match, you can either simulate, spectate, or play it – unless there's a run-in, then you can only simulate it. There's also an option to simulate everything, which will immediately take you to the next screen.

The viewers rate each match and promo. It's important to note that playing the contests won't impact their rating. Fans' appreciation of a bout is decided based on popularity, classes, roles, rivalries, stipulation, and whether it's a title match.

Understanding The Post-Show Reports

After the show, you will see a graph showing how well your matches did against your opponents. You can also look through your bouts and see if any rivalries started or anyone got injured. If you want a little more detail, you can bring up the match report for each contest.

The next screen gives you even more information. It all can be a little overwhelming, but it's just a breakdown of your viewership and revenue. The most important parts are the Fan Change and Total Profit/Loss. Plus, the social media posts on the right can give you a bit of insight into how your fans are feeling about the product.

You then get to see who's currently winning the season.

How Rivalries Work

Building exciting rivalries are key to your brand becoming a success, as contests revolving around hot feuds will usually do better than a cold match. There are three ways to start a rivalry.

  • Use a call-out promo.
  • Have someone interfere in someone else's match.
  • Pit two future rivals against one another.

Once the feud has started, you need to continue doing those three things to build it up. The rivalry is at its peak when it hits level four, but this is also when it's in danger of getting stale. So, when you have a level four feud, make sure you have the competitors face off at a PPV as this will bring the rivalry to a conclusive end and net you a strong star rating.

Another important thing to note is that every wrestler can have two rivalries going on at once, but only if one is a single and the other is a tag team one.

Adding To Your Roster

As you get further into the season, you may decide that you need to bulk up your roster. After all, people could get injured, leave the brand due to being unhappy, or maybe you just need some fresh blood. Thankfully, you can sign free agents or legends any time you want from the manage roster tab.

Most of them have short-term deals that could potentially be extended later. But in the free-agent section, there are sometimes wrestlers that you can pick up permanently.

If there's not anyone who suits your roster the first time you take a look, wait until next week as the collection regularly gets refreshed.

Naturally, the legends are usually more expensive than the free agents. Yet, they come with plenty of star power, so they'll bring many eyes to your show.

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