Xbox Games Are Coming To Samsung Smart TVs This Month

Unlike other forms of media, it seems unlikely video games will ever be completely replaced by streaming services. Although Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation's revamped PS Plus are incredibly popular, a large chunk of gamers will still prefer to buy their games individually. That doesn't mean there isn't a massive market for streaming in the video game sphere, and Xbox has just taken a significant step forward in that arena.

As previously promised by Microsoft, starting later this month Game Pass subscribers will be able to stream games through their Samsung Smart TVs, no console required. Confirmation that Samsung's latest Smart TVs, so the 2022 models, will include the Xbox TV App came today courtesy of a report from The Verge. Game Pass subscribers will have access to over 100 games, and you'll be able to play Fortnite through the app on Smart TVs whether you have Game Pass or not.

If you're still struggling to imagine how this will work, just think Netflix but for your Xbox games. You'll need to do nothing more than switch on your TV, open the Xbox app, just as you would do with Netflix or Disney+, and then pick a game to play. The service will be rolled out in 27 countries on June 30. It will only work with the latest Samsung Smart TVs for now, but the idea is to make the service available on more TVs moving forward.

There is a pitfall if you don't own an Xbox console but you want to play games through your Samsung TV, which is sort of the point here. If you don't have a console, then you probably don't have a controller. The good news, other than the fact a controller is a lot cheaper than an entire console, is a number of controllers will be compatible. Not only an array of Xbox controllers but also Sony's DualSense. Good news if you already own a PS5 and you want to play Halo Infinite and Forza without buying a Series X.

Xbox has quickly been trying to make Game Pass available to as many people as possible, this being the latest step towards doing that. It follows on from Xbox Cloud Gaming being made available on iOS devices through a browser. Microsoft is also working on a streaming device you can plug right into your TV, similar to an Amazon Fire Stick, but that next big step still seems to be a long way off.

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