Xbox Series V console rumoured as equivalent to PS5 All Digital Edition

Microsoft may have a third next gen Xbox console in development, with no disc drive but more power than the Xbox Series S.

Now that Microsoft has revealed all about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S it isn’t clear if or when they’ll have another showcase event, as with the delay of Halo Infinite they haven’t got many other games to show off.

But they may have another console, if rumours about the Xbox Series V are accurate.

The above image was shared on Twitter by leaker Idle Sloth, who has been reliable in the past and claims that this is the console that was recently hinted at by the appearance of the Edinburgh codename in the Xbox One’s operation system.

But perhaps the Xbox Series V will have the same limitations but a larger hard drive, and work as more of a direct equivalent to the PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition – since there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a disc drive in the image.

Of course, this is a fairly easy image to fake and there was never any certainty that Edinburgh referred to a new console, as it was speculated it could be something to do with Project xCloud.

It’s almost certain Microsoft does still have some secrets left to reveal, but at the moment offering three different consoles may be pushing things a bit too far.

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