Xbox Series X can resume games after reboot, audio ray tracing also teased

A welcome new feature for the Xbox Series X will allow players to reboot the console mid-game and not lose their progress.

Microsoft has already made a good case as to why you should invest in its next gen Xbox Series X console, thanks to its Smart Delivery service, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from dropping hints about other features.

In a recent podcast, which was then transcribed by The Verge, Microsoft’s director of programming Larry Hryb revealed that the console would have a quick-resume feature.

Basically, it will allow players to reboot the console mid-game and then immediately pick back up where they left off. This will apparently also work for multiple games that have been left in a suspended state.

‘I had to reboot because I had a system update, and then I went back to the game and went right back to it,’ said Hryb, ‘So it survives a reboot.’

This could also be useful for players who may need to suddenly leave a play session but don’t have the ability to save their progress, as they can leave the console on stand-by and return to it later.

Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, Jason Ronald, also teased something called audio-ray tracing, which will apparently allow for greater immersion with Xbox Series X games.

‘With the introduction of hardware accelerated ray-tracing with the Xbox Series X, we’re actually able to enable a whole new set of scenarios, whether that’s more realistic lighting, better reflections, we can even use it for things like spatial audio and have ray traced audio,’ explained Ronald.

Microsoft had intended to reveal more at GDC (Game Developers Conference) next month, but has recently announced that it is pulling out due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

Instead, it will be hosting its own digital event on its website, as reported by Gematsu.

The Xbox Series X is currently slated to release in time for Christmas this year.

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