Xbox Series X Game Bright Memory Infinite Is A Futuristic, Worlds-Colliding Shooter

To kick off its Inside Xbox presentation showcasing third-party Xbox Series X games, Microsoft showed the debut trailer for Bright Memory Infinite, a sci-fi shooter from the indie studio FYQD. The game was created by a single designer, making its AAA production values and slick action insanely impressive.

Bright Memory Infinite is set in the year 2036, when a strange phenomenon in the skies prompts the Supernatural Scientific Research Organization (SRO) to dispatch agents to investigate. The agents quickly discover that the events are tied to an ancient mystery.

The trailer showed a first-person perspective shooting segment in the rain, followed by a brief driving sequence that didn’t end well for the driver. Microsoft’s head of global portfolio Damon Baker promised faster load times and raytracing on Xbox Series X. It will make use of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature.

This Inside Xbox stream was dedicated to several third-party games running on Microsoft’s next-gen hardware, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft is planning monthly 20/20 streams for the rest of the year, including one announced presentation that will focus on first-party Xbox Game Studios games in July.

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