Xbox Series X/S outsold PS5 at Christmas – hits 1 million sales in UK

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console of December in the UK, but stock shortages meant Xbox was able to beat PS5.

With all consoles currently suffering from supply shortages, to one degree or another, it’s impossible to compare sales between any of the major format, but one thing that’s clear from UK sales data for December is that Xbox had a very good Christmas.

According to official data obtained by, sales of the Xbox Series X and S consoles were ‘just behind’ the Switch, with a 108% month-on-month increase that made December 2021 the biggest month ever for the formats – including at their launch in 2020.

Obviously, a lot of that is because the Xbox Series X was much easier to get hold of last month, while the Xbox Series S was relatively easy to obtain for most of last year.

It’s clearly good news for Microsoft though, with Xbox Series console sales having now passed the 1 million mark in the UK.

That doesn’t mean the PlayStation 5 did poorly though, as it’s still the best-selling next gen console in the UK and December 2021 was its second best month ever, after launch.

Overall, 560,000 consoles were sold in December in the UK, making for almost £200 million in sales.

There’re no prizes for guessing what the best, and second best, selling games were but overall sales (including digital) were down 12% on 2020.

2020’s figures will have been inflated by all the lockdowns, but 2021’s decline is also likely due to the poor line-up of new games at Christmas, with calling out the weak performance of Call Of Duty: Vanguard in particular.

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