Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where To Find Every Unique Monster

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is perhaps the greatest, and certainly the latest, title in Monolith Soft and Nintendo's famously sprawling set of RPGs. Plenty has changed since 2010 when a young mechanic named Shulk and his best friend Reyn set out to learn more about the Mechon in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Different worlds, different casts, different stories, different combat.

One thing that hasn't changed is the series' penchant for Unique Monsters, super-powered variants of dangerous fauna that offer excellent rewards in exchange for an extreme challenge. Read on to learn where to find every Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What Are Unique Monsters In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Before we take you on a whirlwind tour of all the tough baddies that call Aionios their hunting ground, let's take a sec to catch series newcomers (and long-dormant vets) up to speed. What exactly is a Unique Monster, besides its obvious nature as a one-of-a-kind foe?

Dating back to the first Xenoblade Chronicles, there have been individualized variations of most enemy categories with hiked-up stats built to frighten all but the most stalwart of players. They often, though not always, show up at a substantially higher level than other monsters, and some have even broken past level 99. Importantly, 99 is the highest level your own party can reach!

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can tell a Unique Monster from the rest of them because it will have an orange border when targeted. It will also have a rather outstanding name, like Lapdog Veece and Househunter Carly. (Compare this with, say, Poison Brog for ordinary enemy names.)

Try not to confuse Unique Monsters with Elite Monsters. Elite Monsters, new to the series in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, have a blue border rather than orange and lack special names. They're nowhere near as powerful as Unique Monsters, but great for grinding out levels because they offer 250 percent experience bonuses upon defeat.

Unique Monster Rewards

Now you know what they are, but why bother going to blows with Unique Monsters? Noah and friends have a world to save, after all, and surely there's never been a case wherein a JRPG has simultaneously insisted you have a limited window of opportunity before everything ends and also provided you with dozens of hours of optional content.

Taking Stock

Jests aside, it's a valid question when so many of these beasts may well and truly burden you. Unique Monsters, for all their trouble, have two considerable edges on the rest of Aionios' wildlife — for one thing, they have significantly better drop rates. Unique Monsters are Xenoblade Chronicles 3's best item-farming method.

Whether you're searching for top-end Accessories, a fresh load of Nopon Coins, powerful Fragments, you name it, Unique Monsters are the ultimate catch-all. Specific quests may dole out the game's truly unique rewards, but outside of those, you're covered.

Triton's Tricks

The other consideration is Soul Hacking, and no, we've not suddenly shifted the topic toward Shin Megami Tensei. Soul Hacking won't come into play until Chapter 5, and it pertains to the acquisition of a Hero unit that isn't mandatory for completing the game. In other words, everything related to Soul Hacking is optional.

The way it works, you enhance the Soulhacker class (obtained through recruiting Triton) by defeating Unique Monsters throughout the world. A particular attack from each Unique Monster is learnable by the Soulhacker, and if you're conjuring up a picture of Final Fantasy 7's Enemy Skill Materia, or perhaps more pointedly, that franchise's Blue Mage job, you totally get it.

Every Unique Monster In The Aetia Region

We have sorted out this list by region, in order of when you unlock each of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's huge areas. Note that at certain points in the game, you will only be able to access a fraction of a new region, so between that and the huge variation in levels, we strongly recommend you don't set out to beat everything at once!

Altruistic Maribel29Southeast portion of the map
Fang-King Clavein80Elgares Depths
Gushing Masquin24Head east starting at Colony 9
Househunter Carly21Alfeto Valley near Camp
Indiscreet Gombaba14From Hillside Ferronis, venture west
Jingoistic Gigantus80Skip travel to Luca's Eyot
Keen Chicky-Chicky59Colony Zero. Segiri's Hero Quest required
Lapdog Veece8Toward the end of Melnath, in the thick forest
Migratory Circe14From Hillside Ferronis, venture southwest
Perilwing Ryuho100Cooley Lake
Perturbed Bilkin13Skip travel to Luca's Eyot and head west slightly
Petrivore Judomar31Head into Melnath starting at Colony Gamma
Phantom Streya51Southeast portion of the map
Repulsive Deepus24Head east starting at Colony 9
Sensitive Catullus26Skip travel to Sepulchral Cliffpath
Spiralhorn Baccro56Captocorn Peak
Stonehoof Torphan57Captocorn Peak
Seraphic Ceratina120The Cavity in Swordmarch. Requires Dreadwyrm Nizoont, Kilicorn Grandeps, Levialord Empireo, and Perilwing Ryuho to be dead.
Sycophantic Lilith5Head west starting at Colony 9
Timbercorn Cthinos61Captocorn Peak
Well-Plated Zelinka53From Shark's Jaw, venture east
Witchwind Kujjat59From Battlescar Hulk, head east

Every Unique Monster In The Fornis Region

Crafty Anksey54Head northwest from Elaice Highway
Crystalline DuGarre27In Dannagh Desert, explore the northwestern stretch
Dapper Seppiar22From Lace Subterranean, search the immediate vicinity
Doomfang Caum50In Rae-Bael Tableland, search south
Farseer Pirtett40From Dies Arch, venture into Ribbi Flats
Hazardous Jerradhead16From Galhour's Menhir, head south
Hedonist Tirkin23In Ribbi Flats, locate Tirkin Headquarters
Heretical Saurow25Search Rae-Bael Tableland
Impish Langobard74From Purus Palacolumn, search Elaice Highway
Joyful Nimroog68Southeast portion of the map
Kilocorn Grandeps95From Saffron Tree, venture northwest
Night-Stalker Volodya43Torus Hollow Cave
Perspicacious Oldar20From lyn Nyddwr Camp, head west
Profound Hoszuki44From Visura Park Land, search southwest
Puzzled Raquinu45To the east of Rae-Bael Tableland
Rambler Curalie17Search within Bennel Cave
Ruthless Grokken81Search Magglia Lake
Scornful Daria22From Great Idalla Ravine, head south
Sharpwitted Tracy15Northeast portion of the map (start at Ordell Ravine Way)
Stoneclipper Gorse25Search the northern stretch of Dannagh Desert
Tenderling Rumi23From Conqueror's Peak, head east
Terrorbird Zieger37Search the central stretch of Dannagh Desert
Unobtrusive Liggy43South of Colony Iota
Villainous Igna46Igna Conglomerate Cave, which is located off of Elaice Highway

Every Unique Monster In The Pentelas Region

Besieger Sheritt48Search near Engardo Camp Pass
Bloodsucking Elvis52Close to Colony 5. Side Story: Eunie required
Budding Francis32Great Cotte Falls
Bushwhacker Farritt48Past Engardo Camp Pass at region's edge
Dimwitted Tirkin45Locate the Tirkin den in Upper Maktha Wildwood
Dreadwyrm Nizoont105Lower Maktha: Caves of Oblivion
Frolicking Parker31Northernmost stretch of Great Cotte Falls area
Gallivanter Buckley30From Titan Rock Camp, venture further up through Great Cotte Falls
Gorgeous Mandora96Lower Maktha: Caves of Oblivion
Gracious Titania50Urayan Tunnels. Requires Rope Slide
Immovable Gonzalez88Upper Maktha Wildwood
Impregnable Sandhu & Godlike Krastor82From Ruins of Seebu, head west. Requires Rope Slide
Massive Georges37From Colony Lambda, venture southwest
Phantasmagorical Rist35Uppermost stretch of Great Cotte Falls, inside Cascade Tick Caverns
Raucous Ron27Ruins of Seebu Camp
Saberly Dorampe & Stately Doramma65From Colony Tau, venture northwest
Shimmering Marcko28Urayan Tunnels. Requires Rope Slide
Soaring Virion36Great Cotte Falls
Spartan Fennick78Lower Maktha Wildwood

Every Unique Monster In Keves Castle Region

Ambusher Tirion39Just before Keves Castle proper, on the last of the mobile islands
Blazing Karlos40On the southwestern mobile island
Craven Piggard38From Hovering Reef Camp 2, venture west
Diabolical Rindolph49Near the start. Requires Rope Slide
Hornbow Dante55Search near Ekdaso Verge
Infiltrator Garnach64From Ekdaso Verge, venture west
Mobile Vespa41Inside Keves Castle (Floor One)
Protector Revelta64Just before Keves Castle proper, on the last of the mobile islands
Thunderclap Dalton, Turbulent Martinez, Determined Vatslav43Inside Keves Castle (Floor Three)
Vengeful Dominator & Forsaken Arbiter42Inside Keves Castle (Floor Two)

Every Unique Monster In The Cadensia Region

Abysmal Rakshmi64Beneath Sandbar Island
Barbed Merod51Northeastern Erythia Sea
Conquerer Deepwan & King Krawkin102From Searing Strand, search Demihuman Gutter in Southeastern Erythia Sea
Covetous Gerondon60Welkin Falls stretch in Southeastern Erythia Sea
Darkening Asha, Fleeting Shikkino, Miraging Yuri, Ghosting Lulika65Colony 15 area. Note: Chapter 6 onward
Demonic Krenolur75Daedal Island
Fineblade Faltaar47Swordmarch's Higher Bridge
Foolhardy Saide58From Cradle Convoy Shelter, venture east
Galloping Ghuldan56Lower Maktha: Caves of Oblivion
Hardshelled Admory57Search near Fourth Pillar Remnant
Heroic Gulkin76Northeast of Sandbar Island. Unavailable before reaching Origin
Intrusive Nevilla49Search around Colony Mu area
Jealous Mizraile72Northeastern Erythia Sea; search near Sandbar Island
Killhappy Brijaidor79Search near Vinisof Holm camp
Levialord Empireo110Southeastern Erythia Sea; locate Aegis Sea and head beyond bounds of map
Littlefort Morley46Southernmost reaches of Erythia Sea
Naval Gyrus75Northwestern reaches of Erythia Sea
Navigator Helios48Search around Erythia Relay Base
Obliterator Centaurio91Explore Levnis Workyard area
Oceanic Lucera73Northeastern Erythia Sea
Otherworldly Rodsin60From Welkin Falls, venture further southeast
Ragemaw Tempeldo78Daedal Island Center
Ravenous Babayaga84Northwest Erythia Sea
Seadragoon Melchior85From Twinpalm Isle, locate a small nearby island; may require rain
Sharkblade Nedd67From Daedal Isle, venture westward
Sharpscale Ragoon, Hardscale Gouran, Fairscale Marina66Southeastern Erythia Sea; find Oshia Reef Ravine
Slack-Jawed Zephal80Daedal Island Center; may require rain
Spectral Remy42From Headwater Camp, search the vicinity
Spiky Aurelia63Western Erythia Sea; Corne Island
Sundappled Floria71Southern Cadensia; near Swordmarch
Talkative Dirakha65Welkin Falls stretch in Southeastern Erythia Sea
Taskmaster Imperion48Erythia Relay Base
Virtuous Gulkin52Southwestern stretch of Daedal Island
Widdershins Raddler48Anu Shoals Island

Every Unique Monster In The Final Dungeon

Artificial Optho, Vapid Roger, Dishonest Karom, Phony Temnos69Origin Hangar
Clinging Azreel69Origin Defense
Creeping Hameel67Amplifier Number Two
Cruelfist Rojou, Trickfist Tuano, Ghostfist Roisin66Amplifier Control Room
Defiled Ishtar65Ferronis Arsenal Number Three
Desired Oruria86Origin Hangar
Pressing Rafeel69Origin Hangar
Reaping Anteel72Ferronis Arsenal Number Two
Thaumawolf Bajeek71Original Defense

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