Yes, you can buy a Garrus pillow from the Mass Effect store today

There’s an unusual piece of merchandise for sale in the BioWare store, but it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Anyone with $35 and the will to spend it can purchase their very own Garrus Vakarian body pillow cover. (The pillow itself isn’t included, though. You’ll have to find your own that can fit inside a 20 by 54-inch pillow case.)

Based on the photos displaying this product, Garrus looks quite cozy. This isn’t as lewd as some Mass Effect fans might have hoped, but it does look quite comforting, especially if you’re a fan of calibrations.

The pillowcase in question.
Image: BioWare

Garrus Vakarian first appeared in Mass Effect as Shepard’s ex-cop turned buddy. In Mass Effect 2, he became available as a romance option for female Shepard, and that romance can continue on through the third game. Garrus is one of the game’s most popular characters, because whether you keep him as a friend or choose to take things to the next level, he’s a reliable guy who’s always there to help out. Now, he can help with insomnia by being there for a big hug in the night. He’s got plenty of reach, after all.

For those who prefer to kiss Garrus on the Normandy, the Mass Effect remastered series is due to come out in May, and contains the entire trilogy.

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