You’ll Be Able To Play That Xenoblade Chronicles Epilogue From The Start

As shown in Thursday’s Nintendo Direct Mini, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will be coming out in about two months. Further, while there’s plenty to be excited about in the mere fact that it can soon be experienced or re-experienced on the Nintendo Switch, many will be thrilled to know that Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition‘s epilogue will be available to play from the start, according to Destructoid.

The epilogue in question is titled “Future Connected,” and it shows players what Shulk and Melia are up to following the events of Xenoblade Chronicles. The trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition confirms that it takes place on the Bionis’ left shoulder. However, little is illustrated beyond a conspicuous orange void in the sky and Shulk stating, “If the capital is on the shoulder, there are people there.”

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We have yet to see what new party members there will be besides Shulk and Melia, as well as the length of the epilogue.

Ultimately, returning players not necessarily looking for a second playthrough of the lengthy adventure will likely be happy to know that they can spend more time with Shulk and Melia. This is nice for those that may have enjoyed the original adventure but weren’t willing to spend a great deal of time to complete the game a second, or so, time to experience the continuation of Shulk’s story.

All in all, the trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition looks mighty promising. Its graphics are vastly superior to that of the 2012 original on the Wii (if not necessarily better than those of 2017’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2). Further, the gameplay does appear much smoother than its 2012 counterpart.

As it stands, the original Xenoblade Chronicles, available on both the Wii and New Nintendo 3DS XL, is one of the better modern JRPG’s and is certainly among Nintendo’s best RPG’s. Although the game isn’t devoid of flaws, its unique gameplay, engaging narrative, and expansive and diverse atmospheres are only part of what drove the game’s positive reception. We won’t know until its release, but Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition looks to be a must-have for any hardcore Switch owner.

Xenoblade Chronicles will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 29, 2020.

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