Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide Is $18 At Amazon

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons won’t be the type of game you’ll need a traditional walkthrough for, you’re bound to have some questions after embarking on your island getaway. The New Horizons Official Companion Guide chronicles and catalogs everything you need to know about the island. It’s available to pre-order from Amazon at a nice discount right now, dropping the price from $30 to $18. The guide releases a few weeks after the Switch game on April 9.

The 432-page paperback guide has appeal for both series newcomers and longtime Animal Crossing fans. It’ll help you learn the basics of the Animal Crossing experience before diving into comprehensive breakdowns of the activities and items. The guide includes a catalog of all the tools, money-making techniques, and items you can purchase as well as design ideas and tips.

The companion guide also comes with a couple of bonuses. A two-sided bookmark features character artwork and a helpful cheat sheet on the other side. Plus, guide owners will gain access to an online calendar that can be used to keep up with all of the important dates in the game.

New Horizons releases March 20 on Switch, and Nintendo revealed a slew of new information in an Animal Crossing Direct on February 20, including new characters, a much-needed tool wheel, seasonal updates, and more. If you haven’t secured your pre-order yet, check out all of the bonuses each retailer is offering in our New Horizons pre-order guide. There’s also a wealth of New Horizons merch available to pre-order, including carrying cases, console skins, and even a plush Bell Bag.

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