Apex Legends Champion Edition Includes All Characters, Launches Alongside Season 7

EA has announced that the Champion Edition for Apex Legends launches soon for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It includes tons of unlocks, cosmetics, and rewards.

The Apex Legends Champion Edition is a great package for first-time players. It unlocks nine Legends for immediate use, like Mirage and Rampart, as well as the Season 7 hero–allowing you to use all 15 of Apex Legends’ playable characters at the start of the new season. The Champion Edition also features seven Legendary skins for characters like Crypto and Wraith, plus 1,000 Apex coins for use in the in-game store.

An exact release date for Apex Legends: Champion Edition was not announced, though it is apparently scheduled to drop when Season 7 starts. Apex Legends Season 7 currently doesn’t have a confirmed start date. However, previous seasons typically start after the last season’s battle pass wraps up. If convention remains the same, Season 7 may start around November 10, when the Season 6 battle pass ends.

Check below for the Champion Edition’s full contents:

Apex Legends: Champion Edition Contents