Doom Eternal Had A Great Launch [Update]

Doom Eternal is off to a Hell of a good start, it seems. The game’s PC edition recorded almost 105,000 concurrent players on Steam recently after release. That’s a massive number, and to put it into further context, it’s more much higher than the reported all-time high concurrent player number for its predecessor, 2016’s Doom. [Update: Bethesda has now announced that Doom Eternal set a launch sales record for the Doom franchise.]

Benji Sales on Twitter crunched some numbers and reports that 105,000 concurrent players on Steam is far and away the biggest release for Bethesda in recent years. It surpasses peak concurrent player numbers on Steam for Doom 2016 (31,623), Dishonored 2 (22,269), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (16,050), and The Evil Within 2 (9,846), according to Benji Sales’ numbers.

Steam’s own public statistics page shows Doom Eternal had more than 85,000 peak concurrent players on March 22, making it one of the top 15 most popular games on the service.

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Bethesda has yet to announce any official sales numbers for Doom Eternal. In the UK, it was reported that Doom Eternal’s physical sales at launch were about a third lower than Doom 2016 over a similar period of time. However, this does not tell the full story of total unit sales because digital sales are not included in the UK report. And of course, with some shops closed in the UK, this also likely hurt physical sales and improved digital sales at the same time as people stay home.

GameSpot’s Doom Eternal review in progress scored the game an 8/10, while other reviewers are scoring the game highly as well.

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