Fan artists have gotten sucked in by Kirby’s Mouthful Mode

A Nintendo Direct reliably gives us new games to be excited about, and February’s episode was no exception. Maybe the most memorable announcement came with some footage of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, set to be released on Switch on March 25. The pink hero is getting some quite flexible new powers, ones that seem expansive in their reach, allowing Kirby to … cover some new ground. Of course, I’m talking about the gift that is Mouthful Mode, a new power that lets Kirby inhale enormous objects and then conform to their shape. It looks a lot like Saran Wrap over leftovers, or a python eating a cow but in, like, a cute way.

Fans have responded with truly inspired art — and the number of interpretations has only grown in the week since the Direct. It turns out when you give fans a new character power to fiddle with, and that power is called Mouthful Mode, the sky is the limit.

Here’s an excellent, and incredibly impressive, Mario Kart edit of Carby (the car-Kirby shown in the Forgotten Land trailer).

Carby has inspired quite a bit of fan art and fan edit, all on its own.

Fans have also imagined Kirby, erm, consuming some of their favorite game heroes and heroines. I’ll dub this one Kirbus Aran.

Anime is also getting the Mouthful Mode treatment.

Kirby can take any and all forms.

Hmmm, get on the Eva, Kirby? (Note the position of eyes and feet, incredible).

Kirby is no stranger to inhaling foreign objects and creatures and stealing their powers. I had long assumed Kirby had no jaws to unhinge (where does face turn into body? Unclear). Mouthful Mode has given me much — perhaps too much — to contemplate. My allegiance to Kirby, however, remains unwavering. Love that little guy.

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