Overwatch's First Experimental Mode Doubles Down On Damage Comp

Last month, Overwatch developer Blizzard announced the impending addition of a new experimental card that allows players to test out possible radical changes to gameplay. Today, director Jeff Kaplan revealed the details behind the first experimental mode that will most likely be released February 25th, “but stuff could go wrong, [and it] may be delayed a little bit.”

Named the Triple Damage, the experimental mode is for damage players. Instead of the standard two tanks, three damage characters, and two supports, this exploratory setting will introduce a new team composition: one tank, three damage characters, and one support player.

It’s a pretty big change, especially for tank mains, and Kaplan assured fans that any setting tested in the experimental card is not one that will be definitely implemented. That is to say: tank players, do not worry about this team composition becoming permanent

The director went on to further explain that the Triple Damage mode was created to address the extra waiting time in the role queue for damage players. By deploying Triple Damage, the development team wants to see if it actually shortens queue time for damage players and whether it will affect other parts of the game service, like Classic Quickplay.

As part of the Triple Damage mode, the characters that the Overwatch community regularly refer to as “Off-tanks,” like Road Hog, Zarya, and D.Va, will receive big balance changes if you choose to play in the experimental card. Players in the experimental mode will still level up and receive loot boxes like normal.

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