Platinum Games Reveals Project G.G. With Teaser Trailer; Watch It Here

Platinum Games has released the first teaser for Project G.G., a new IP that will be the first game both developed and published by the independent studio.

Game director Hideki Kamiya revealed the new title in an interview with Famitsu, where he compared the ideas for it to Ultraman. The teaser trailer backs that up, with a shot of an obscured hero with blue eyes facing off against a colossal kaiju in the downtown streets of an unnamed metropolis. Check it out below.

In a blog post, Kamiya stresses that Project G.G. is only a working title, and that the project itself is still in the very early stages of production. He explains that acting as a publisher affords him and his team far more creative freedom than before, but also invites new risks that Platinum Games will need to manage.

“We’ll be taking on new risks that we’ve never had to assume before as a contracted developer,” says Kamiya. “Having full control over the Project G.G. IP gives us a ton of freedom, but also a ton of responsibility. Still, I think we can harness that sense of responsibility and turn it into motivation to make Project G.G. the best game it can be.”

Project G.G. is the second game announced as part of Platinum Games’ Platinum 4, which kicked off with a Kickstarter campaign for a Wonderful 101 port. It has since reached its goals for ports to Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4, among other new features.

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