The Wonderful 101 Port Launches In May

Platinum Games has revealed that the port for The Wonderful 101 will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC this May, a few weeks after it will arrive for Kickstarter backers.

A new, brief trailer for the ports announced the dates, which are staggered based on region. The Wonderful 101 will launch in the US on May 19, Europe on May 22, and Japan on June 11.

Backers of the wildly successful Kickstarter for the port are still expected to receive their copies in April, although an exact date hasn’t been specified. Backers of tiers that include physical merchandise will have to wait until later this year to receive their rewards, according to the campaign’s FAQ. The Kickstarter is still ongoing, and has raised well over $1.5 million already.

The Wonderful 101 port was revealed as part of Platinum Games’ Platinum 4, which the studio is using to slowly reveal four new projects. The second game as part of this program is Project G.G., a brand-new IP from Platinum games that will take inspiration from Ultraman and be directed by Bayonetta game director Hideki Kamiya.

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