THQ Nordic And Koch Media Are Swapping IPs Like They're Pokemon

THQ Nordic and Koch Media have just undertaken an unusual transaction, trading IP rights with one another for several largely-dormant franchises. Think of it as being like two teams in your sport of choice trading players in the off-season–or, to use the analogy THQ Nordic used on Twitter, like a Pokemon trade.

THQ Nordic has acquired the publishing rights to Sacred, Risen, Rush for Berlin, Second Sight, and Singles: Flirt Up Your Life as part of the deal. In return, Koch Media has received the publishing rights to Painkiller and Red Faction. These agreements cover the whole franchises.

There’s a mix here of franchises and one-offs–Second Sight, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life and Rush for Berlin never received sequels, and were all published in 2006 or earlier. According to the press release, “evaluations on remasters, ports, potential sequels, and new content etc. will start right away.”

Koch Media, meanwhile, has its hands on Red Faction, most recently seen in Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered. The Painkiller series has been less active in recent years, but is certainly beloved.

The two publishers already share some DNA. In 2018, Koch Media was bought by Embracer Group–or, as it was known at the time, THQ Nordic AB. Embracer Group is a holding company under which both publishers operate, which is how they’re able to make a swap such as this one.

It remains to be seen what games will be published or created as a result of this trade.

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