Warframe Nightwave 3 Is Up Now, And It Turns The Game Into A Murder Mystery

The latest update for Warframe adds all new cosmetics, some bug fixes, and a new mystery to solve. Glassmaker is the third installment in the Nightwave series, Warframe’s battle-pass system that adds more story content to the game.


Previous Nightwave stories have included a famous felon and a story about a suspicious cult leader. There seems to be a running theme here, with the latest story adding a new noir styled serial killer storyline to Warframe.

To access the new Glassmaker content, players just need to log in. As players complete in-game challenges they will earn access to a simulated environment showing the crime scenes of a mysterious murder. These sections will work like a sci-fi murder mystery game, where players will need to investigate and find clues at the crime scene.

Players will be able to walk around and observe the scene in the simulated environment, taking in the clues and the shattered victim. It seems that this new serial killer possesses the power to turn others into glass, thus the Glassmaker name.

This update follows the massive “Revised” update that rolled out across PC, PS4, and Xbox One back in March. These content and game updates are all a part of Digital Extremes’ plan to improve Warframe over the course of 2020.

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