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TikTok user reveals which CeraVe products cleared her acne

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Face mapping is the term for diagnosing the cause of spots based on their location on the face, but what about the body? The back is a common place for people to get the occasional pimples or even severe acne and there’s an interesting reason why. Express.co.uk chatted to World-leading Aesthetic Doctor and Global Lecturer in beauty and wellbeing, Dr Jonquille Chantrey (@drjonquillechantrey on Instagram), to find out everything you need to know about the cause of your bacne.

There is little scientific evidence to support definitive causes to specific distributions of acne, according to Dr Chantrey.

Common causes which can occur in any region of the face or body include hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, accutane class action lawsuit california dietary influences, poor gut function, stress and inappropriate topical skincare.

However, more specific causes can often be identified based on where the spots tend to pop up.

If you have spots solely on your back, this could be down to a combination of things.

Dr Chantrey encourages the advice of a medical skincare professional who can take into account all of these elements to guide you, but generally, it will be to do with one of four things.

Androgen imbalance

Hormonal factors can be important in this area so again, consult a medic to treat your back spots.

Dr Chantrey said: “Androgen imbalance can be common in this presentation so this may need to be assessed.”


While your protein shake might be helping you look big and strong, it could be responsible for the spots on your back.

Dr Chantrey said: “The use of whey proteins can stimulate acne in certain patients.

“It’s worth considering if you’ve noticed back acne increase with protein supplementation.”


If you’re a particularly sweaty person or you regularly work up a sweat through exercise, this could be the cause of your back spots.

Dr Chantrey said: “Sweat can play a part in this zone, particularly if there is a delay between exercising and showering.

“Try to shower as quickly as possible after working out and use an acne specific cleanser for the back as well as the face, neck and chest.”


Acne mechanica is a phenomenon related to repeated friction in a certain area that leads to acne, and this can apply to your back.

Dr Chantrey said: “Friction could be a factor in your back spots so try to go for loose clothing if you are suffering.

“Many of my patients have seen significant improvement in their bacne following a Theraclear course in my clinic.”

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