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Pose 1 Introspection with Caterpillar pose 

Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Inhale to lengthen the spine and exhale to lean into the shape and drape over your legs. Use props where you need them (backs of knees, or under sits bones or supporting forehead/neck etc).


Pose 2  – Gentle stimulating with reclined Butterfly pose

Have the bolster or pillows behind you either in line with your spine (gentler) or across your low ribs (deeper) and lay back with your relaxed arms to the sides. Shoulders roll back and jaw and face relax. Using props to support the upper back and head if needed.


Pose 3 – Deepening balance with Twisted Roots pose

Lie on the floor and cross your right leg over at the thighs and slowly let your legs fall over to the left. Using props under knees for modifying and over knees/extended arm for intensifying the effects. Come back through center and repeat with left leg over and knees to right.

Pose 4 – Supported rest with Dragonfly on the wall

Lie on the floor close to a wall and swing your legs around and up the wall to begin, lipitor pill shape slowly allowing them to widen to the sides until a therapeutic stretch is felt in your inner thighs. Using props under sacrum for hip compression or deepening, and outer thighs for modifying.


Pose 5 – Transitions- legs up the wall

Take for a few minutes and go to knee hug to finish and leave the wall by rolling sideways and resting for a moment.


6  Deep rest and reset with Pentacle pose 

The ultimate yin medicine pose of winter, hibernation.

Lie down in a warm safe comfortable space on the floor (or bed) using a bolster or cushions under the back knees for support of lower back and covering eyes if comfortable for deep rest. Stay at least a few minutes and as long as you like. This is also a great time to put on a guided meditation like yoga nidra or any guided visualisation.


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