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What food should people watch out for to avoid bloating on Christmas? Rosie Millen, a nutritionist from gut health brand, Bio-Kult, told it’s important to watch out for wheat if you want to avoid bloating.

Foods to avoid bloating

She said: “Wheat is one of the main foods to watch out for.

“Wheat contains a protein called gluten which quite commonly causes digestive complaints as it is very difficult to break down in the gut.

“Symptoms can appear almost immediately after eating.

“If you suspect wheat disagrees with you then the gold standard for testing is a food elimination diet.

“Cut it out for two weeks, reintroduce it, then see if the symptoms come back.”

Another food group can also cause gut issues, including bloating and gas.

Rosie went on: “Dairy is also something you should try to avoid if you suffer from bloating.

“One in three people don’t have the enzyme; lactase, to break down the sugar in milk lactose, making it problematic in most.

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“If you’re lactose intolerant, reducing side effects of prednisone dairy can cause symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramping and diarrhoea. Taking a probiotic can help to reduce these symptoms.”

There is also a type of drink to avoid on the day to reduce bloating.

“You should also try to avoid fizzy drinks,” Rosie said.

“These fizzy drinks contain high amounts of carbon dioxide which is a gas.

“When ingesting this gas, it can get trapped in the digestive tract which causes bloating and even pain.

“This includes beer, as the yeast in beer can often cause bloating in the gut.”

The expert recommends taking probiotic supplements to combat bloating, such a Bio-Kult.

She claims it will “help restore your levels of good bacteria in the gut, but also vitamins B6 and B12, which contribute to normal psychological function, as well as reduced tiredness and fatigue – especially important at Christmas.”

One expert told how drinking celery juice could help to reduce bloating. 

“Celery juice is quite good actually, having celery juice for bloating,” Dr Megan Rossi said.

Celery juice is made simply by blending the raw vegetable with water.

“It contains a lot of fibre, which helps with bloating.

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