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Weight loss: Expert reveals how to save 28,000 calories a year

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Calories are the key to weight loss and weight gain with a calorie deficit helping to shed the pounds. While burning calories through intense exercise seems like the only way to get rid of excess weight, everyday tasks can play a crucial role when it comes to speeding up weight loss. With everything from vacuuming to ironing helping to crush the calories, buy generic seroquel online l these are the best ways to burn even more in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking to speed up your pre-Christmas weight loss, there are plenty of simple household chores and home exercises you can do to banish excess weight.

The key to crunching calories without taking time out of your day is to take your time doing everyday tasks like ironing and vacuuming.

By doing a more thorough job there is even more opportunity to get your blood pumping and raise your heart rate.

Breaking a sweat is a positive sign when it comes to weight loss and these are the best tasks to get stuck into to do it.

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Take the stairs

Utilise stairs in your home or building as an alternative to an overpriced step aerobics class.

By heading up and down a set of stairs at a regular pace for a minimum of 11 minutes will get your muscles working and heart pumping.

Blasting some upbeat tunes will make the 11 minutes fly by in no time while burning an estimated 100 calories and toning your entire body with some essential cardio.


Just 25 minutes of vacuuming could give your entire home a good dusting and deep clean while burning at least 100 calories in the process.

For an added burn, use a hair removal carpet tool to deep clean the fibres of your soft flooring while removing pet hair and lint.

Power through the ironing pile

If you’ve been putting off a mound of ironing for some time, powering through it in a 40-minute stint will help you crush the calories while smoothing shirts, skirts and blouses for the week ahead.

The motion of ironing will help work the arms while standing up will strengthen your core.

Do this for at least 38 minutes to crush a significant amount of calories while ticking off the list of household chores.

Rake garden leaves

Tidying up fallen leaves and autumnal debris can work the entire body and crush plenty of calories in the process.

Just 21 minutes of this essential garden task will get your legs moving and heart pumping – all in the luxury of the fresh autumn air.

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Tai Chi

This low exertion workout requires minimal effort while giving incredible results.

The rhythmic movements work the entire body using slow extensions of the limbs and controlled breathing techniques to help you relax while strengthening your core.

Aim to do 22 minutes of this calming practice which requires just a small space and is best enjoyed as an outdoor activity.

Head to the bedroom

Perhaps the most effective calorie-crushing activity for a couple, getting frisky can quickly melt away excess energy while burning fat.

Spending one hour between the sheets can have incredible cardiovascular benefits and it will help burn those excess calories.

Use the garden shovel

With the temperature set to plummet and snow forecast over the coming weeks, it’s the perfect time to get shovelling when the snow eventually falls.

Just 15 minutes of this winter activity provides a full-body workout while clearing your driveway from the deep frosty blanket of snow.

Bend and lift the shovel with your knees for an extra burn.

Mow the lawn

When summer comes back around it’s a great time to use your lawn as an excuse to get fit.

Mowing for just 16 minutes will keep your lawn looking luscious and green while shredding 100 calories.

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