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Some people may moan about your bad habits, but now you can say some of them may actually be good for you.

It turns out some of our flaws could lead to aiding our health, according to experts.

From weeing in the shower to swearing to biting your nails – it turns out there are some benefits associated with our annoying behaviours.

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According to The Sun, there are a number of horrible habits that scientists say could do more good for you than bad.

To help you fight for your flaws here are a few habits that could actually be good for your health.

Being messy

There probably aren't many people who admit to liking a messy person, but it can actually imply you're quite intelligent.

If your little one is leaving things around the house – there's a chance they may be a genius.

This is because according to the University of Minnesota being a little untidy is seen as a sign of intelligence.

It's also said that being a little chaotic when it comes to clutter can lead to enhancing a person's creativity.

Being late

There's always one person who's never on time and, if this is you, felodipine taken at night you can officially now say you have a reason for it.

Next time your guests are peeved because of your late arrival tell them that people who have an easy-going approach to timekeeping are likely to be less stressed.

It says so in a study conducted by Harvard Medical School so, the odds are, if you're often late you're probably a more cheery person.

Sleeping in

Lie in, live longer. That's what they say.

Even though your boss may not be too pleased that you constantly press snooze on the alarm, it can be pretty good for your personal health.

Experts say sleeping longer has been found to reduce stress and give your brain and memory a boost.

Not to mention failing to get a good night's kip can increase the risk of car accidents and heart disease.

Playing with hair

Twiddling your hair is said to help conquer boredom.

Back in 2014 a study revealed that playing with your locks could work to battle boredom when you're failing to concentrate.

It can also aid in reducing anxiety and help you to wind down a little before catching some Zs.

Peeing in the shower

Some may dub this as a filthy habit, but it turns out there are some pros to your pee.

Urine contains both uric acid and ammonia, which means taking a pee while you have a wash could lead to reducing the chance of experiencing a fungal infection in your feet.

But – it's not so great if you have a cut – as it could lead to you developing a bacterial infection.


It may annoy some people, but it turns out being a little wriggly could help you to beat the bulge.

It can help to burn calories, according to research from London’s Mayo Clinic.

There was a similar study conducted in the Fifties which revealed that overweight people didn't move as much as fidgeters when carrying out the same activities.


There's nothing like a good gossip, especially when it helps to relieve stress.

It turns out that having a good chat with your mates can aid bonding and laughter, which helps to release those feel-good hormones.

This means having a goss can help to reduce both stress and anxiety, permitting you're not the topic of conversation.


We all drop the F-bomb sometimes but – let's be honest – it can be necessary.

Keele University discovered that participants in a study were able to cope with pain longer if they let out a swear word now and then.

It actually helped to boost pain tolerance by 33%.


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