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If you’re looking for a good laugh on this gloomy Sunday afternoon, then we have the funny celebrity parent post for you. Alyssa Milano never fails to make her fans laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions when it comes to her parenting Instagram posts, and this one featuring her and her lookalike daughter Elizabeth shows a moment that every parent can relate to.

On April 28, the Sorry Not Sorry author shared a seriously adorable snapshot of her and her daughter Elizabeth with the simple caption reading, “Trapped! #motherhood.”

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In the photo, we see a bare-faced Milano in bed, with her passed-out lookalike daughter on top of her, celebrex 200 mg zastosowanie her arm basically trapping Milano in the most adorable way! From silly photos like this to her loving, poetic captions about “lasts” as a parent, Milano truly shows everyone what it’s like to be a parent: the good, the bad, and the absolutely adorable moments like this one.

The Charmed star and her husband David Bugliari married in 2009. They later welcomed two children: a son named Milo, 11, in 2011 and a daughter named Elizabeth, 8, in 2014.

She previously told EOnline about how she’s “much more confident now” after becoming a mother. She said she “realized [her] purpose,” adding, “I was like, ‘Oh, this is it! This is what life is. Even though I had a really full beautiful life beforehand, my life really began the day [Milo] was born.”

These celebrity moms opened up to SheKnows about the best ways motherhood has changed them.

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