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Sperm donors reaching large number of people on social media apps

Unregulated sperm donation raises several serious ethical and legal issues

  • Greater public accessibility to assisted reproductive technology and availability of donor sperm and eggs.
  • An easier importation process for donated sperm and eggs from overseas.
  • Further removal of discriminatory language in legislation, so terminology is inclusive and accurately represents present day society and diverse families.
  • Remove the requirement for same-sex couples to obtain a letter from a doctor stating they are unable to become pregnant to access ART.
  • Consider a broader legal definition of ‘parent’ which encompasses co-parenting arrangements.
  • Better education and awareness of informal avenues of family creation and the potential risks they impose.
  • A register for informal sperm donors to record their details and ensure donor conceived children have the same access to information, whether their conception was facilitated by an informal or formal process.

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