Amnesia And SOMA Dev Continues To Tease Its Next Game With Another Cryptic Video

Back in January, developer Frictional Games–the studio behind horror titles Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA–began teasing its next game with an abstract ARG. The studio’s official website links to a page for “Next Frictional Game,” which previously displayed little more than a pulsating white object that has now evolved into a pulsating white fetus.

This was accompanied by two unlisted teaser videos uploaded to Frictional’s YouTube channel. Fans have combed through the two cryptic videos and compiled a list of all the possible ideas and theories they have on a Google Doc found on the Frictional Games Discord. Now, the studio has released another unlisted teaser simply titled “I am Tasi.” Like the first two videos, this one doesn’t show much beyond what appears to be a (possibly alien) desert landscape. The frantic character voiceover reiterates that “I am still Tasi,” which certainly lends itself to the physiological horror the studio is known for.

Frictional announced in 2017 that it was working on two new projects, so it’s likely this is related to the previous teaser videos or concerns a completely different project altogether. The studio previously used an ARG to market SOMA, with the end result being a 12-minute gameplay trailer. SOMA was already announced at that point, though, so this latest tease definitely more intriguing.

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