Apex Legends May Be Getting A Bloodhound Town Takeover

Respawn may be teasing the next town takeover for Apex Legends. If you head to Sniper’s Ridge–an apt name for the location given it provides a nice perch over Skyhook and usually hides sniper weapons, attachments, and ammo–on World’s Edge, you’ll find new map changes that seem to hint that Bloodhound is getting a town takeover next.

About partway up the ridge, you’ll see a corpse covered in a murder of crows–the same type that Bloodhound sees with their passive ability, Tracker, as a warning sign that enemies are close. Approach the crows and they’ll fly away, revealing the corpse to be what looks like a prowler. No, not a Prowler, like Apex Legends’ heavy ammo submachine gun, but a prowler, like the ferocious creature first mentioned in Titanfall and first seen in Titanfall 2.

Above the prowler, you can spot that a small flag has been posted on top of the cliffs. It’s the same type of flag that appeared in Kings Canyon prior to Wraith’s town takeover–it marked the future location of the Singh Labs, which was added to the Apex Legends map in the final weeks of Season 2: Battle Charge during the limited-time Voidwalker event.

It would make sense for a new town takeover to occur on Sniper’s Ridge–the legend-themed landmarks are typically placed at locations where squads don’t usually drop or loot from, in order to encourage new rotation patterns. The top left portion of World’s Edge is mostly barren and rarely sees foot traffic unless it ends up being the location of the final circle. A Bloodhound-themed town takeover that features prowlers would also give stronger credence to the possible sightings of wolf-like creatures running loose on World’s Edge.

Of course, what’s far more interesting is the lore possibilities that these map changes suggest. Almost nothing is known about Bloodhound; the technological tracker’s history is a mystery, but we do have plenty of information about prowlers. They’re not native to Solace or Talos (the planets where Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are located, respectively), they live on Leviathan.

After two seasons, Respawn used Kings Canyon’s second town takeover, the aforementioned Wraith-themed Singh Labs, to hint at both Season 3’s new character and new map. It’s now been another two seasons and this could be World’s Edge’s second town takeover–meaning that it could also be a possible implication that Apex Legends Season 5 will introduce a brand-new map.

Of course, all of this could just be an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank on Respawn’s part–the developer has already admitted it isn’t above trolling its playerbase–but given that these map changes were implemented ahead of the holiday on Tuesday, March 31 at 10 AM PT (as first noticed by Twitter user Shrugtal), it seems to be a genuine teaser of what’s to come. Plus, a new Bloodhound animated short is scheduled to release tomorrow, April 2.

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