Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor Starts Soon

Apex Legends will soon enter Season 5 and developer Respawn Entertainment has provided details on what to expect. The new hero is named Loba (and she’s already appeared in-game), and she’s a thief who is on a quest for revenge after the loss of her parents. A trailer for the character further details her backstory–it’s embedded below.

Season 5 also adds a new mode, Quests, which is a treasure-hunting adventure that will see players racing to uncover answers in order to receive a great reward. The season also brings a new Ranked series, which will begin in King’s Canyon and then move to World’s Edge in June–the opposite pattern of Season 4: Assimilation.

But when can we expect all this new content? Well, it’s a bit later than anticipated. Apex Legends Season 5 will now start on May 12, which is a week after the date that was originally assumed. One more limited-time event–Battle Armor–will be included in Season 4, and will see players start matches with body shields and a P2020 pistol already equipped. That’s live right now and will continue all the way until May 12.

Season 4: Assimilation is drawing to a close, following The Old Ways limited-time event that added a Bloodhound-themed town takeover to World’s Edge, implemented a permanent Duos mode, buffed Revenant, and transformed Lifeline into a more supportive combat medic.

The Season 4 battle pass is scheduled to conclude on May 12 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. The battle pass will be locked at that point and you’ll no longer be able to complete Season 4 daily and weekly challenges. So if you haven’t finished the current battle pass and you still want some of those rare, epic, and legendary rewards, you have less than a month to do so.

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