Fall Guys Season 2: Here's What To Expect

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s Season 2 of content is on the way to add to one of 2020’s most exciting and popular games. Developer Mediatonic revealed new medieval-themed minigames and costumes during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020. A giant castle for tail tag and a new block-pushing game where you have to climb over castle walls were revealed, as well as new dragon, knight, Viking, wizard, and witch costumes.

Season 2 won’t begin for over a month; based on the in-game menu’s countdown, Season 2 will begin on October 6, although that date has not yet been officially confirmed. Whenever it does arrive, you can expect Fall Guys to have new games and costumes inspired by “epic quests.”

Despite being hyped beforehand, the Fall Guys segment during Opening Night Live was quick, only showing off new content during a short clip of the new content that’s on the way. Many of the same games are returning, albeit with new maps and obstacles. Those include swinging axes and games where you have to physically move ramps and platforms around in order to, say, jump through a floating ring that’s otherwise out of reach.

Fall Guys lead designer Joe Walsh started out his Gamescom appearance by thanking fans for the game’s runaway success. He had previously promised that a lot of new content was in the works for the game, so expect more beyond the second season. We also know that, in China, a mobile version of Fall Guys is in the works–meanwhile, we’re hopeful that the game will come to other platforms around the world.

It’s likely that Fall Guys will retire or repurpose some games in the future. The game has already received some major tweaks during Season 1.

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