Halo Infinite: Get A Closer Look At The Newly Revealed Action Figures

Following their initial reveal over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair, Microsoft has revealed higher-resolution images of the new Halo Infinite action figures that are on the way.

The items, which are made by Wicked Cool Toys in partnership with developer 343 Industries, include collectible figures and “premium” helmets. The 6.5″ Master Chief figure is particularly noteworthy because its art and design is seemingly based off his MJOLNIR armor design from Halo 1-3, before 343 changed things up when it took over the franchise from Bungie.

There are also new Grunt and Brute figures coming, in addition to what appears to be a life-size Master Chief helmet featuring working headlamps. You can check out all the images in the tweet below.

The earlier images that came out of the New York Toy Fair also revealed that Wicked Cool Toys was working on multiple figures based on new villains that will appear in Halo Infinite. Final images of those designs have not been shared yet because they are pending Microsoft’s approval.

Wicked Cool Toys said on Twitter that Halo fans should stay tuned for more information on Halo Infinite figures.

Separately, Mega Bloks announced new Mega Construx sets for the Warthog, Pelican, and Mongoose, while Nerf has announced a new series of blasters as well. The announcement of all this Halo Infinite merchandise has come before Microsoft has shown any proper gameplay for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite releases this holiday as a launch title for Xbox Series X. It’s part of the new Smart Delivery cross-buy program, whereby people who buy it for the regular Xbox One or Xbox One X can also get the game for Xbox Series X for no extra fee.

More details on Halo Infinite will be announced during the Xbox E3 2020 briefing, if not sooner.

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