Halo Infinite Toys Revealed, Showing Off Classic Armor For Master Chief

Even before Microsoft has properly unveiled Halo Infinite with any gameplay footage or firm details, the company’s merchandising partners have revealed new Halo Infinite action figures that contain some clues about the Xbox and PC game.

First off, the new figures from Wicked Cool Toys show new armor for Master Chief that appear to more closely line up with Bungie’s original armor designs. That is to say, these designs more closely resemble Master Chief’s armor in Halo 1-3 before Microsoft shifted things up for Halo 4 and Halo 5 when development on the franchise moved from Bungie to 343 Industries.

This is to be expected, as Microsoft has said Halo Infinite new art style is meant to hearken back to the original Halo game. Halo Infinite returns to the franchise’s roots, and is “bigger and bolder” than any previous Halo title, according to Microsoft.

The images also reveal that there will be new figures for Halo Infinite’s villains. Intriguingly, these have been left as “TBD,” so there is no word yet on who these villains might be. All of this suggests that Master Chief will be fighting new villains in Halo Infinite, which is of course to be expected given each entry in the Halo series has introduced new types of enemies.

The new villain designs are reportedly not final yet, as the images show that the villains are “pending licensor approval.” All of these images emerged out of the New York Toy Fair this weekend.

In addition to the new figures, Wicked Cool Toys has created a new Energy Sword that lights up and looks very rad. Check it out below.

Separately, Mega Bloks announced new Mega Construx sets for the Warthog, Pelican, and Mongoose.

Halo Infinite releases this holiday as a launch title for Xbox Series X. The game will also play on the standard Xbox One, as well as PC. More details on the game will be announced during the Xbox E3 2020 briefing, if not sooner.

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