Halo Infinite’s new season adds Clippy from Microsoft Office

Halo Infinite season 2 may be titled Lone Wolves, but Spartans will never have to go it alone in battle, thanks to the arrival of Clippy, the cartoon paperclip virtual assistant from the Microsoft Office suite. Clippy is among the many cosmetic rewards coming in Halo Infinite season 2, and will be ever-present in battle as a new Legendary-tier gun charm.

Season 2 launched Tuesday, bringing with it a new Battle Pass for Halo Infinite full of stuff to unlock and collect. But it appears that Clippy is not part of that regular Battle Pass track, nor is the googly-eyed paperclip mascot currently earnable in-game. Senior product manager for Xbox hardware James Shields showed off the Clippy cosmetics on Twitter on Tuesday, showcasing both the forthcoming “Clipster” nameplate and gun charm for Halo Infinite.

There’s also an unlockable tea bag weapon charm coming, of course. For a look at what’s included in Halo Infinite’s season 2 Battle Pass, check out 343 Industries’ walkthrough of its contents in last week’s preview video.

Halo Infinite season 2 launched May 3, adding two new maps — Catalyst and Breaker — and multiplayer modes Last Spartan Standing, Land Grab, and an updated version of King of the Hill.

Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries released Halo Infinite on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in December. The game’s multiplayer component is free to play.

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